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Research & Development

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One very important aspect of writing a novel is doing LOTS of research about your subject. Lots of my time is spent poring through websites, books, and videos to make sure that the subject I'm writing about is as accurate as I can make it. I still make mistakes in that regard, but not nearly as many as I would if I just wrote without the research. Any decent writer will tell you something similar.

On that regard ... in doing some research for book 3 & 4 I stumbled across some things that have thrown me a MAJOR curveball. Sometimes curves are a bad thing, but in this case ... it's a VERY good thing. Book 3 just got VERY interesting and I can't wait to be able to deliver it to you guys!

My goal is to have it done by the end of the year. No promises but that's my goal. It's taking longer to write this one because of 2 major reasons. First is my schedule is different this go around. I've been a lot busier. The other reason though is now I've got a lot more characters and a lot more strings to pull. So I have to take more time in writing to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I'll keep you updated as I make more progress!