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I'm Back

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Kinda. Sorta. OK, so I'm almost back. The first run of meds from my new doctor didn't work as well as she thought they would. The last set of meds she gave me seemed to do the trick! So after just a little over a year I'm finally off most of the meds except the muscle relaxers for the lingering neck and chest pain (it's amazing the muscle stress and pain coughing for almost a year will cause) and the ones most of us old folks take for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

There are a few lingering issues, as one would expect, which will keep me from immediately returning to writing. All of these issues stem from lack of energy and the doctor assures me they will self-correct once I rebuild my stamina. To that end she's prescribed a detailed walking regimen with a stern warning not to exceed her instructions. Like my wife, she tells me that patience (something I've never been accused of having) is a virtue.

Assuming I'm able to faithfully follow her instructions, she assures me that I should be recovered enough to begin writing again in four weeks.

With her warning in mind I'm tentatively hoping to release Ranger sometime in September. I can't promise but that's my hope. So keep your fingers crossed.

In other news, Dan Carroll has been hard at work and the audio version of Railroad is now entering the editing and review process so look for it on Amazon, Audible and iBooks in the August/September timeframe. I'll post an update when that happens.

My sincerest thanks to all you who've emailed, texted, and/or messaged me with your thoughts and prayers over the last year. All were much appreciated.

Until my next update, I wish you all well.