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So I want to apologize a little bit. Originally I wanted to post the Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on the first day. There was a slight mix up (probably on my part) and because I was leaving to go out of town I wasn't able to get that mix up corrected. So for those who were curious, that's why you didn't get chapter 2. BUT rest assured, chapter 2 will be up on Monday (probably will be posted by the time you read this).

I got a couple of new Patreons and I'd like to thank ALL of my patreons for the support! It means the world to me and helps me be able to do what I do! I posted 2 new chapters up for my patreons so if you are one, head on over and check those out! If you're not one, then feel free to become one!

I'll probably open up voting and comments at the end of the week once chapter 5 is posted.

I hope everyone had a great mother's day, and again, thank you for all the support! I appreciate the kind words that some of you have already sent me! Enjoy!