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Book 2 - Saturday

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Book 2 - Georgia Moonrise - will begin posting on Saturday. The prologue and first 2 chapters will post immediately. I will then post a new chapter every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will also be up for sale on Bookapy shortly.

If you are one of my Patreons you can go now and read the prologue and first 2 chapters as I have already posted it on there. If you aren't a Patreon, maybe consider becoming one. Patreons will get chapters posted up to a week early. It's not necessary, but every bit helps.

Georgia Moonrise totals over 350,000 words. That's over 3 times longer than the first book. I'm very excited about the journey that Alex is taking and I can't wait to hear what you guys think! I won't turn on voting or comments at first, I'll wait until I've posted several chapters before I turn on voting, but when I do, I'll make sure to let you guys know!

Also, I want to thank Ernest Bywater for formatting the ePub for me. He spent a long time taking out some unnecessary coding which greatly cut down on the file size. Please show him some love. If you haven't read any of his stories, do it now while you are waiting!