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New Clan Amir of Berant e-book files on Bookapy

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I had a reader tell me that there was a fault with the Clan Amir of Berant e-book they bought on Bookapy. I checked, and yes, the file was not as it should be. I've spent the last 12 hours tracking down what caused the problem and making changes in the e-pub creation process to see it doesn't occur again, I hope. The fault was due to the complexity with the anthology process of nesting the headings properly conflicting with a process within Calibre. I changed the css code to avoid it in future.

Revised e-books in .epub and .mobi have been uploaded to Bookapy today. If you purchased a copy in the past I suggest you go to your bookshelf and download the latest copy to have the best clean version available.

If anyone sees a fault in any other e-books of mine please let me know so I can correct them and upload better copies.