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Just a quick update for everyone on what's happening.

First of all regarding the last update I did in fact lose most of my writing. The USB drive that I had everything stored on was beyond salvaging. The GOOD news in all of this is that, if ever I was going to lose things, this was a good time to do it. Book 1 is out. Book 2 has been completed and was waiting for advanced readers to finish giving me their feedback. I had one chapter of book 3 done but I wasn't happy with it overall so losing it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The biggest things I lost were research and various other files that I used for reference. The other thing I lost was about half of a short story that I was writing about Allison. A lot of what I lost I was able to recover through emails though so I didn't lose EVERYTHING and this shouldn't put me back too much.

Secondly let me update you on Allison's story. I mentioned a while back that I was working on a story from her point of view. I had been struggling with finding the right words. It got so bad that I actually told TeNderLoin that I was going to scrap the story. At the last minute I got really inspired to write her story and I'm excited for what's going to happen with her. I think you guys will be happy with it as well. I've gotten back to where I was BEFORE I lost everything. I'm hoping to be finished with it in a few days so look for it to come out sometime next week.

Third I want to update you on when you can expect book 2. I've got one "small" rewrite to do based on some feedback. It won't take me long to get that part done. Because Allison's story will act as a bridge from book 1 to book 2 I want to release it first and then I'll release book 2. Allison's story is a short one so it'll be released in one day. Book 2 should come out a few days after that. So with any luck, late next week I should be able to start releasing book 2.

Either way, you guys won't have to wait very long and I'll have a lot more content coming out for you VERY soon!