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I am reposting several chapters today that have a small timeline correction. Initially when I was writing about the idea of Alex trying out for baseball I spoke with TeNderLoin and got a rough idea of when tryouts would be, that being "around February" so I wrote that. At the time Book 1 had not been broken up into 2 parts.

So as I got closer to tryouts I started doing more research on things. That's when I found an actual calendar from the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) from the year I was writing about. It actually listed when the first practices would be for all the sports. Baseball practice was supposed to start in January so I had to adjust things.

I THOUGHT I had gone back and made the changes, but it appears I didn't. So when we decided to split book 1 up into book 1 and book 2, book 1 got published with the wrong timeline for tryouts. It's a small change really, but I hate continuity errors. So you'll notice that chapters 10, 11, and 13 are being uploaded today with those corrections.