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Work Continues

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It's been a few days, but I wanted to write to you guys and give you an update on some things. First of all, I have finally managed to break through my writers block and I've gotten the first chapter of book 3 done. The rest should start flowing with more a little more ease now. I'm excited about this next book because I think creatively it's going to really stretch me more than book 1 or 2 has done. I won't even begin to try and figure out a date for when book 3 should be done. It's WAY too early in the process for that.

As for book 2, Georgia Moonrise it is still in the editing phase. Tenderloin is hard at work (I'm fairly certain the main doesn't sleep) but he's got several other VERY talented writers on his hands. Book 2 is, at last count, around 340k words which is almost 3.5x longer than book 1. Needless to say he's got his work cut out for him. The cover art has also been commissioned and I'm really excited for that. It could be even better than the last one. Well ... if you didn't like the cover then it may not be lol! (Kidding Emmeran!)

The final thing that I wanted to write about was to ask you guys a simple question. What's YOUR story? I've had SO many people send me messages or leave comments that all hint how they connected with Alex on some level because they too were bullied. Some more so than others. I was bullied too, though Alex's story is NOT mine. However, the feelings and thoughts that Alex had were partly from me because I was an outcast and rather socially awkward.

So if you connected with Alex on that level I'd like to ask you to do me a favor. Tell me YOUR story! You don't have to use real names - I actually suggest you don't use real names - but tell me your story. It can be something short or you can go into more depth, but I'd like to hear it. Sometimes it's good to share your story. Tell me how you have managed to overcome whatever happened, or if you haven't overcome it, then let me know that too. What would it take for you to overcome?

If you send it to me, please let me know if you would mind me sharing part of your story in a future blog. No names will be used if I do. Obviously you don't HAVE to do this. I'm just curious to know what some of you have gone through.