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Through my Eyes. Again. - final version on Bookapy

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The final edited version of Through my Eyes. Again. is now on Bookapy (under the name Robert Hart). This contains the result of professional editing - much better text formatting, many minor textual changes and a small amount of additional text. This is the version that will be released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc on 24th March.

I'm now in the midst of promoting TMEA to a wider audience and am taking part in a number of promotional activities with authors of similar stories. The idea is that readers of my story may well find new stories from these authors - and some of their readers may find TMEA of interest.

If you are interested in looking these over, you can find information about these promotions in my profile and on my web site (link in my profile).

I hope you find something to interest you - and take care of you and yours in these difficult times.

(Robert Hart)