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If you choose to get older, know that it's a wretched condition

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They say (whoever they are,) that getting older beats the alternative. Lately, I begin to wonder. No, I don't worry about stickin' myself out on a limb here, because I can look out there at the rest of you and laugh. You'll all be here soon enough!

I spent much of last evening, and all of today, searching my drives and archives for a "lost" chapter. I couldn't begin to understand how I'd lost it, or misplaced it. I'm disorganized, I admit, but I'm also very careful about keeping zipped backup copies and spread them over a couple different drives. So... I even whined to the wife: "I remember writing it, and I found the follow-on chapter for it, but I can't find it! Whine, snivel, moan." She agreed, actually. We both suffer 'senior moments' that we'd rather not, but sharing seems to help.

Okay, I'll get to the point. I finally found an archived text file in markdown-coding, and there it was! The lengthy, carefully researched, brilliantly written chapter! And at that moment, horror dawned! It was in the middle of another chapter!

Somehow during a sleepless or brain-dead moment, it got dropped into the concluding chapter of a story, and it got posted! And its been there all this time! Unseen. Unnoticed. Unremarked!

So I've made cuts, pastes, revisions, and a reposting, and all is well with the world. But, as Hercule Poirot has so frequently said: "Sometimes in the quiet moments, I hear the little grey cells. They make tiny screams as they die!"

So, if you choose to grow old, this is what waits for you. Beware.