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Please excuse my oversights

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It seems I've neglected a couple of things concerning "Fine Stories" site (which I admire greatly and I do try to support as much as possible!)

I was just notified by a friend that I'd neglected to enable the "feedback" button on my account; which means folks couldn't email me from the story pages. That's been fixed. (At least I clicked the button. We'll see if that does it.)

The other is that I've not posted to this blog as near as much as I should'a done. I could'a done... but good intentions and Hell's highway and all that... no excuse.

So: "Gold Mountain" is writ, and more'n half posted. And big news, the entire thing is for sale on Bookapy now. $2.99 per ebook copy. Also "Pasayten Pete" is there, same deal: $2.99. Some have sold already, only being up for one day now, and I'm totally surprised. Thanks, people!

As for keepin' my gnarly butt in the chair for finishing the long-promised 3rd book of the Masi'shen series, yeh. I'm totally ashamed but that don't fix nothin'. So I'm now working on it. It's a slog, I confess, but I'm making progress.

When will it be done & posted? I have committed myself to having it done this fall, before the Day of National Insanity & Forlorn Hopes occurs. Which means by end of October at latest. I kinda have to keep that deadline, because I swear by all that's unholy that on November 1 I'm gonna pull the main breaker switch on the house, and go into hibernation for three (maybe six!) months until the dust settles.

May you all be well, and dodge that damnable virus, please!