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PP Finished

December 15, 2010
Posted at 10:33 am

Pasayten Pete has concluded, and I'd very much like to thank all those who sent comments. I feel well rewarded. This is not the end of the adventure. I'd planned to do a trilogy; book two will be called "Gold Mountain." It is outlined and ready for writing, but that's going to wait for a while. Anther project is in the works.

"Masi'shen Stranded" will be ready to begin posting soon. It is a product of NaNoWriMo 2010, just ended. It is a sci-fi adventure story that begins and ends in Antarctica. The novel-length story is about half finished at 55K words; I plan to start posting chapters three times a week beginning in January.

(NaNoWriMo is "National Novel Writing Month" held every November. The challenge is to write 50K words or more during that 30-day span. It is an insanely popular event.)