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Australian Bush Fires and My Safety

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G'day All,

I've had a few messages and emails from people concerned for my family's safety due to the many bush fires in Australia. At this time we're safe and I don't expect to be in any serious trouble at all. All of the major bush fires are in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range or the Coastal Fringe. The fires there are very hard to control because those areas usually have a high rainfall, and thus they're usually areas of heavy growth. The bulk of the areas are also rugged terrain with lots of valleys that have limited access ways. To make matters worse large sections of those areas that aren't urbanised are state or national parks and forests where stupid laws made to please the idiot environmentalist votes have meant the amount of undergrowth clearing that should have gone on over the years has not happened, and the cuts in the staff to do that work have meant there's a large amount of fuel for the fires.

Some of the fires are moving into the Western Slopes and the Coastal Plains, but they're soon being controlled when they do due to the much lower level of fuel for them and the area being easier for the firefighters to operate in.

Where we live is out in the open plains area which is mostly crop fields that are being harvested if they haven't been harvested yet. We're over 150 km from any of the serious fires and I seriously doubt we'll be at risk from them. The bulk of the country is, in my opinion, not at risk due to major differences in the fuel loads of the lands, especially those that have been having an issue with drought for the last several months or more and have been over grazed by stock.

While the very hot weather has been causing some small grass fires and haystack fires they've been quickly brought under control by the local resources, which is good because many of the local firefighters and their equipment are off in the mountains helping out with the big fires.

I hope 2020 is a much better year for everyone than 2019 has been for some of us.