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Clan Amir Stories - revision and reposting soon

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I'm currently in the process of revising and re-posting the entire Clan Amir series. When I started posting the series here I was limited on what I could post due to the publication contract I had in place, thus I started posting each story as an individual one. Since then that contract has expired and I simply posted the rest as individual stories. I originally wrote the series as seven books and an information extra.

At the moment I'm revising the stories to fix a few errors and bring it in-line with my now smoother style. However, when I finish I will be reposting the stories as eight files of the background material and the seven books of the original collections. Thus there will be more to read in each download. I hope to have this done by early April and already have some of the work with the editors. I'll post a blog entry when it's done.

Only one short story will be left out of this set due to some content issues, but it won't affect your enjoyment of the rest of the stories.