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Book 2 & 3

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I hope everyone had a great father's day. I just wanted to provide a brief update for you all. As book 2 continues to post I have been getting notes from you guys on some small things that we missed (like using "tale" instead of "tail" when talking about horses). Part of me HATES it when I realize I've missed small things like that, but it's part of writing. That's probably why published books go through so many edits. It's easy to miss. So THANK YOU for showing those to me. I've been saving them and this week I plan on going through and making all of those edits. When I do, I'll update SOL, FS and Bookapy.

I'm continuing to post book 2 on my patreon page as well. I just posted chapter 38 on there. A big thank you to all my patreons. Your support makes this whole thing possible!

Regarding book 3 I am hard at work on it still. I've got 8 chapters done and posted for advanced readers on my patreon page. No timeline for when it will be released just yet, but when I do get an idea I'll make sure to let you guys know! If you're interested in getting a sneak peak at what's going on in book 3 you can check out my patreon page. It does require a tier 3 subscription.

Thank you guys for all your support! Whether you are a reader or a patreon, all of it is greatly appreciated!


Progress Update

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I just realized that it's been over a month since I posted a blog so I wanted to update everyone on how things are going. I am currently working on book 3 of the Georgia Moon series. The story of Alex Jackson is far from over. I've had a few people ask me if I was going to keep going so I just want to make sure that I let everyone know that this series is FAR from over.

Currently on Patreon I just posted chapter 25 of Book 2. Once I get a few more chapters written for book 3 I am going to start releasing them for advanced reading on Patreon. I don't have an exact timeline for when I want to release book 3, but I'm hoping to be able to release it sometime around Christmas. That's not a guarantee, just a temporary goal. Once I get going I'll have a better idea of how long things will take.

I am working on book 3 of what is currently planned to be 5 books in the main series. I am also working on another book that will be a companion piece in the Georgia Moon series. I also have definitive plans for at least one additional book that will be part of this series, and if that wasn't enough there is a possibility of 2 other companion stories if there is enough interest.

I STARTED writing this series in July of last year and never dreamed of the response that I've gotten. As long as you guys stay interested, I'm going to keep writing!

Emotions - And a small update

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Let me start off by saying that earlier today book 2, Georgia Moonrise, was inadvertently marked as completed. Thank you to those who caught that. It appears to have been corrected. I'm not sure what happened, but it was most likely something I did wrong. Thankfully we have a great site admin who can catch those things!

You'll also note that voting and comments are now turned on for book 2. Thank you to those who have already voted! It's been a very good day so far. I got some new Patreons and that continues to go a very long way in helping me support my writing. Thank you to those who support me, whether it's financially or just with positive comments. It all helps.

Now for the actual reason why I wanted to write this blog post. I'm a bit emotional today for very good reasons. As writers, no matter what anyone says, we don't write just for ourselves. We write so that others can enjoy what we do. Yes there is certainly a part of us that writes to satiate our ego. We very much enjoy reading the positive comments that we get. It makes us, as writers, feel good, but there is something more to it. At least, there is for me. We write so that readers can make a genuine connection with our characters and stories. We write for that emotional connection.

Last night I received a message from a reader and ... to say it touched me is an understatement. I won't go into detail about the letter because it was very personal to them and their business is not mine to tell. Suffice to say though, the reader connected very deeply with my character - Alex Jackson. After reading the story they passed it on to their spouse who also connected with it. The spouse, for reasons I won't get into, hadn't really laughed in, from what the message said, over a year. Alex and his friends were able to bring a genuine belly laugh to them.

That, my friends, is why I write. I write for the emotion. I write so that readers feel something. I write so that I can pull on the heartstrings and bring out emotions in readers that they may have forgotten. And sometimes, when I read comments and feedback, there are those comments and responses that pull on mine. Last night was one of those. If no one had ever responded to my stories other than that one person. That laugh was worth the year that I've spent putting together Alex's story.

Thank you all again and I look forward to seeing what you all think of things to come!


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It's been a very busy few days, but progress is being made! As you all know Chapter 3 dropped this morning on SOL and I uploaded Chapter 5 & 6 for my Patreons!

Thank you to everyone who has taken some time to send me words of encouragement about the book. Whether you are reading it on SOL, Bookapy, or Patreon the feedback helps me grow as a writer and helps me shape the future of Alex Jackson. Your feedback is invaluable!

Also thank you to the two new Patreons that I got this past week. I'm not sure if I did that yet - my brain has been on overload - but your financial support goes a long way in helping me do what I do. Telling stories is my passion and by hook or crook, I'm going to turn my passion into my full time job!

All that being said, I have uploaded a new revision of Georgia Moonrise to Bookapy. There were some more minor corrections that needed to be made, nothing that changed the outcome of the book itself, but I know some people like to have the latest versions just in case.

Finally, if you aren't already head over to my Discord channel and let me know you're there! Matter of fact, if you're reading this why don't you head over to Discord right now and let me know what the LAST book you read was!

Bookapy Corrections

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Made several corrections to the Bookapy files. They were small changes but nothing extremely serious. Mostly they were name changes where a someone referred to a character by the wrong name. Some of them were instances were I had originally named a character one thing, but then changed it for some reason.

So if you have purchased the book from Bookapy or Lulu, you may want to go and download it once more to make sure you have all of the corrections. You don't have to purchase it again, it's just a revision so you can download the latest copy.

Also, thank you to PapaDave for pointing out some of the errors that I missed!