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Research & Development

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One very important aspect of writing a novel is doing LOTS of research about your subject. Lots of my time is spent poring through websites, books, and videos to make sure that the subject I'm writing about is as accurate as I can make it. I still make mistakes in that regard, but not nearly as many as I would if I just wrote without the research. Any decent writer will tell you something similar.

On that regard ... in doing some research for book 3 & 4 I stumbled across some things that have thrown me a MAJOR curveball. Sometimes curves are a bad thing, but in this case ... it's a VERY good thing. Book 3 just got VERY interesting and I can't wait to be able to deliver it to you guys!

My goal is to have it done by the end of the year. No promises but that's my goal. It's taking longer to write this one because of 2 major reasons. First is my schedule is different this go around. I've been a lot busier. The other reason though is now I've got a lot more characters and a lot more strings to pull. So I have to take more time in writing to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I'll keep you updated as I make more progress!

Georgia Moonrise - Updated

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Thank you to everyone who continually sent me things that I had missed. I have gone through and hopefully corrected them all. There are changes that altered the story, but hopefully it makes it easier to read.

I've updated the ePub on Bookapy for those who would like to download a fresh copy of it. Again, thank you all for your support! If you find any other issues, by all means, please feel free to send them to me.

Final 2 Chapters!

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I wanted to give an update on things. The last few months have been very hectic for me and I admittedly haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped for when it comes to book 3, but I'm writing again and my goal is still to have it finished and ready for publication by the end of the year.

Chapter 54 of Georgia Moonrise just posted today and that leaves just 2 more chapters to post before the book is completed. Friday Chapter 55 will post and then chapter 56 will post on Saturday. I couldn't see making everyone wait all weekend for the conclusion. I am VERY excited to hear what you all think about the way the book ends.

I'd also like to thank everyone for the kind comments, the support on Discord, and the emails that I've gotten. I think I've got some of the best readers in the world and your support has been invaluable!

Book 2 & 3

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I hope everyone had a great father's day. I just wanted to provide a brief update for you all. As book 2 continues to post I have been getting notes from you guys on some small things that we missed (like using "tale" instead of "tail" when talking about horses). Part of me HATES it when I realize I've missed small things like that, but it's part of writing. That's probably why published books go through so many edits. It's easy to miss. So THANK YOU for showing those to me. I've been saving them and this week I plan on going through and making all of those edits. When I do, I'll update SOL, FS and Bookapy.

I'm continuing to post book 2 on my patreon page as well. I just posted chapter 38 on there. A big thank you to all my patreons. Your support makes this whole thing possible!

Regarding book 3 I am hard at work on it still. I've got 8 chapters done and posted for advanced readers on my patreon page. No timeline for when it will be released just yet, but when I do get an idea I'll make sure to let you guys know! If you're interested in getting a sneak peak at what's going on in book 3 you can check out my patreon page. It does require a tier 3 subscription.

Thank you guys for all your support! Whether you are a reader or a patreon, all of it is greatly appreciated!


Progress Update

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I just realized that it's been over a month since I posted a blog so I wanted to update everyone on how things are going. I am currently working on book 3 of the Georgia Moon series. The story of Alex Jackson is far from over. I've had a few people ask me if I was going to keep going so I just want to make sure that I let everyone know that this series is FAR from over.

Currently on Patreon I just posted chapter 25 of Book 2. Once I get a few more chapters written for book 3 I am going to start releasing them for advanced reading on Patreon. I don't have an exact timeline for when I want to release book 3, but I'm hoping to be able to release it sometime around Christmas. That's not a guarantee, just a temporary goal. Once I get going I'll have a better idea of how long things will take.

I am working on book 3 of what is currently planned to be 5 books in the main series. I am also working on another book that will be a companion piece in the Georgia Moon series. I also have definitive plans for at least one additional book that will be part of this series, and if that wasn't enough there is a possibility of 2 other companion stories if there is enough interest.

I STARTED writing this series in July of last year and never dreamed of the response that I've gotten. As long as you guys stay interested, I'm going to keep writing!