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Chapter 43 Error

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When I tried to repost Chapter 43 to correct a grammatical error, I inadvertently appended the corrected chapter to the original one, causing the chapter to repeat after the end of it.

I have submitted another repost of Chapter 43 to correct the error.

Chapter 43

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43 is safely in the hands of Graybyrd for editing; it will post as soon as he is able to return it and I have it ready for prime-time.

Chapter 41 Posting Error

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I resubmitted Chapter 41 today to correct an error a reader pointed out to me. Unfortunately, when that chapter posted the file was incorrectly processed and began repeating itself about one-third of the way in; it happens.

I checked the file as submitted and reuploaded it. It should repost later tonight.

Posting Schedule Update

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As was evident with last Friday's posting delay, I no longer have chapters waiting to be posted in the queue while I write others; I have been operating on a just-in-time basis for a couple of weeks now.

Due to a computer error Chapter 41 is not ready to be posted tonight; when it does come back to me from Graybyrd it sounds like it will need more work, based on initial reports. At this point, I feel it would be prudent to go back to a Fridays-only posting schedule, rather than to push out immature and potentially disappointing work.

Again, I apologize to those of you following the story.

Chapter 40 Delayed

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Unfortunately Chapter 40 will not post tonight; I have only just now submitted it to Graybyrd for editing. I apologize to all those who have stuck with the story through nearly one megabyte of text; real life caught up with me this week. I also have family visiting from out of town, so my writing time will be further reduced. I hope to have Chapter 41 ready by Tuesday so we can be back on schedule or by Friday's post at the latest.

I hope to post 40 tomorrow at some point, depending on when Graybyrd is able to return it to me; but, as it is Father's Day weekend here in the good ol' U. S. of A., I am uncertain of his schedule or how much time he will have available to review it for me.

Lately I have also been remiss in thanking all of you for reading the story, voting and sending feedback; the response has been overwhelming and much more positive than I ever hoped.