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Submission Wizard change...

June 4, 2018
Posted at 6:57 pm
Updated: June 4, 2018 - 7:19 pm

I submitted all twenty-five chapters of AGAD back in February, so I didn't see that Lazeez recently changed the submission wizard. He added an option to have submissions sent to the moderators for morning or evening posting; the chapters already queued up defaulted to AM posting, hence the surprise last Friday.

I see no reason to change them back to post after 8 pm, so the final six chapters will also post in the mornings.

Caught Off-guard

June 1, 2018
Posted at 11:22 am
Updated: June 1, 2018 - 12:41 pm

Huh. I certainly didn't expect this week's chapter to post so early today. I've been so used to queued chapters not posting here until after 8 pm that I hadn't given Chapter 19 the final once-over.

Please don't think that I'm complaining or anything, it was simply a surprise to see AGAD on the updates page so early. I've submitted minor corrections to what's posted - just a spelling mistake or two and syntax adjustments.

My next story's development is already underway. While I hope to begin posting it before 2020, there's a lot of background for me to research and pull together on this one so no promises. As I said after I finished writing AGAD I'm not good at estimating how long a writing project will take. My schedule continues to be hard to pin down and constantly changing, which doesn't help, either.

Processing errors

April 28, 2018
Posted at 9:29 am
Updated: April 29, 2018 - 6:05 am

I will upload a new copy of Chapter 14 to address the processing errors in the current one after my nap..

That was a rough shift; what a fun ride home...

EDIT: Well, the first re-upload took care of the errors... but new ones are now there. I've generated and submitted another copy...

Submitted for your approval...

February 1, 2018
Posted at 10:43 am

This morning I've begun posting my latest story A Glass, and Darkly, a sequel to A Charmed Life. The story is fully written, edited, and formatted; I will queue as many chapters in advance as the system allows me to. The story will post one chapter every Friday until mid-July.

AGaD is a sequel to ACL, and I've tried to reintroduce people as they appear, but there may still be instances where folks who haven't yet read ACL are unclear why they should already understand who characters are or why events are significant.

I've read and reread this story many times while writing it, trying to maintain constant tone and rhythm as well as trying to catch spelling and grammatical errors. Naturally, I'm sure I've missed a few (hopefully not more than that).

As before, Graybyrd offered to be my editor for this effort. Without his help and guidance, this story would still be in development.


November 9, 2017
Posted at 11:57 pm exactly the last place I want to be stalled: at the end of the story. Whether it was the shooting in Vegas at the beginning of October, my impossibly crazy schedule or something else, the drive to write seems to have departed. In addition, a major chunk of what's written needs lots of revision; I found new source material which needs to be incorporated into the story.

If there's anything I'm learning as I write this story, it's that I don't know how to estimate how much longer the process will take.