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I originally started writing as a mental exercise for me to test myself after a health scare; now I've found that I just plain like to write. After 25 years of writing EMS run reports, writing in a non-technical manner has been a bit of an adjustment. I don't get a lot of ideas all at once, so I doubt I'll be as prolific as some others here, but I try to do my best with the ideas that do come to me.

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By the 1940s, the Swift River Valley in West-Central Massachusetts should have been under four hundred billion gallons of drinking water earmarked for a thirsty Metro Boston. When timely inventions saved the four valley towns from inundation, they also saved the dreams of families who now didn't have to move. Some of those dreams kept residents of the valley in that picturesque location, while other dreams took residents to places they couldn’t have imagined.
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