Zombie Leza

by Vincent Berg

Tags: Science, Science Fiction, Post Apocalyptic, Zombies, Undead,

Desc: Science Fiction Story: An unusual young woman, Leza lives with, cares for, communicates and controls an army of the undead. She can teach the living how to survive, if the humans can only keep from killing her. Leza represents more than just another day of survival, but whether that portends humanity's rescue or the future of the undead is anyone's guess. She may be humanity's redemption or their ultimate annihilation.


I: The Last Refuge
Chapter 1 Chapter 2
II: Living with the Undead
Chapter 3 Chapter 4
III: Human Tales
Chapter 5 Chapter 6
IV: Working With Zombies
Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10
V: Undead Journeys
Chapter 11 Chapter 12
VI: Scientific Results
Chapter 13
VII: The Unraveling
Chapter 14 Chapter 15
VIII: The Long Climb Back
Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18

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Science / Science Fiction / Post Apocalyptic / Zombies / Undead /