Ilocker - It Based Fiction Story

by Achal Sinha

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Desc: Mystery Story: This is an IT based fiction story, how ideas are stolen in corporate. How corporate works with govement offcials and how revenge is taken.

Saturday night 7:30 PM at a posh bar of Greater Kailash Delhi A mid 30 guy was sitting with his Swiss friend Hector working as a consultant in an IT Company at Delhi. They have built a good relationship since they met at Internet Security workshop occurred around 1 month earlier in Delhi.

After having 4-5 Talisker Strom on the rocks both were off their head. And as it happen after too much drunk nothing else but blabbing, they were having fuddled discussion like barking at the moon. Hector told that he is planning to going back to Switzerland and stay with family and friends there, while other guy poleaxed Hector when whispered that want to steal Violet diamond from SwedoBank headquarter in Mumbai which they bought in auction last to last month.

Hector looked at him, laughed and said "It seems you are inspired by MI and Ocean movies". Hector gave him some gyan on being law obedient as a mellow guy. Other guy nodded his head, had a wicked smile and said" You are right, it seems I had too much today".

They had muzzy discussion for some more time, then cleared bill and came out of bar.

Wednesday 10 AM SwedoBank Headquarter, Mumbai SwedoBank started to operate in South Asia since 2 years and had headquarter at Mumbai. They had G+4 story building. Ground, 1st were for retail banking, and 2, 3 & 4 were for back office and software team.

Receptionist got call from Amit, Head of Security of SwedoBank on her intercom. He instructed her to collect all News Paper and Magazines from Lobby.

She got surprised but do not had nerve to ask reason. She called office boy and asked him to collect all News Paper and Magazines from Lobby. She further got amazed when her colleague texted her that all Vice Presidents and above are assembling at President Cabin.

Wednesday 10:50 AM President's cabin, SwedoBank, Mumbai All senior members have assembled in room. Few of the attendees were aware of reason to have unplanned meeting, while others were whispering and making guesses. South Asia Head, Surya had a paper in his hand and staring people with brooding face.

Surya started conversation in aggravated tone "I hope many of you know reason to assemble here, for those who does not know I request to have look at this paper on my hand." Within 5 minutes, all members of SwedoBank in room were wide-eyed.

Surya broke silence and said "Amit found this leaflet in today's newspaper delivered at our Bank. It might be mischief, but no one will speak about it outside this room. I do not want us on media headlines." He concluded meeting and discussed with Amit on further steps for 15 minutes. They decided to approach Mumbai Police personally considering this being sensitive matter which may impact brand value.

Wednesday 12:45 PM Police commissioner Mr. Bhagwat's office, Mumbai Surya & Amit were sitting in front of Commissioner Mr. Bhagwat. Corporates always has very good rapport with bureaucrats and that is why even without prior appointment Mr Bhagwat agreed to meet Surya immediately.

Amit explained events happened in bank since morning and shown leaflet which he found in newspaper. Mr Bhagwat read that piece of paper and he was deadpan after that. Paper was of violet color and on middle it has text "I love violet color and you have that. Coming this Christmas season at your bank to steal Jewel!!!!!"

After silence of few seconds, Mr Bhagwat, dialed a number from his mobile and asked Inspector Avinash to meet him immediately, In 5 mins Avinash was in his cabin.

Mr Bhagwat gave him paper, briefed about incidents and introduced with Surya and Amit. He instructed him to handle to security of bank and to find out mastermind behind this whole story. Surya, was not confident by looking single chassis Avinash, but he do want to say in front of him to Mr Bhagwat.

Mr Bhagwat, read this by face expression, he amused and said, "Do not judge him from his physique, Avinash is my trustworthy guy and he have handled these type of cases earlier as well. Now our best man is working on this case".

Surya smile and thanked both and before leaving to Bhagwat's cabin he said "I need a favor, things which we discussed here should not go to media as it will defame bank and we will be in other soup as well." Amit asked Avinash if he like to visit bank, Avinash told to reach bank after sometime and he kept pamphlet with him.

While Surya and Amit were at Police HQ, bank started business as usual like a normal day. Seniors were strictly instructed by Surya and Amit for not to discuss anything regarding violet paper.

Wednesday 4 PM SwedoBank, Mumbai Avinash reached bank and asked receptionist to meet Amit, after confirmation from Amit over intercom she directed him to Amit's cabin.

Amit welcomed Avinash and asked for update like who distributed leaflet and who planned this.

Avinash have a witty smile and said "Sir, have some patience. I have instructed my team and we have started to investigate from various aspects. We found that leaflets were given to hawker in morning while he was about to enter in your bank premises for distribution. A person have gave him 1000 rs and bunch of pamphlet to put in newspaper. We are trying to get some more clues and will keep you updated."

Avinash continued "I know that your bank have won diamond in auction 2 month earlier but I like to know details other details like, where it is right now, market price, its size and how you are securing it.

Amit took sip of water from glass of water and said "Diamond is currently at 2nd floor locker room, which is highly secure. Even though market rumor is we bought it at a higher price, but we have considered economy slowdown and our research says that if we sell it in global market after 5-6 years we can easily sell it at 90-110% profit. We bought this 3,106.75 carat, 621.35 gm beauty for $350 million."

He later on explained security systems installed in bank and both had a walk of locker room. They both discussed that it might be fake threat, but was not in a position to take any chances.

They were discussing security plan for another 45 minutes until Avinash's iPhone 6s rang. After receiving call, quickly completed discussion, came out of bank and instructed police officials waiting for him outside bank.

By Thursday, police have raided at many places to get clues of pamphlet, they also tried to look at CCTV footage & to prepare sketch of person who gave pamphlet to hawker, but it was like black box and nothing was coming out. However Avinash have tightened security in bank and installed more CCTV camera on the cross roads near bank.

Thursday 4 PM Debit Suisse Bank, Mumbai Debit Suisse's South Asia Head Mr. Rajgopal received an email from Police Commissioner Mr. Bhagwat.

Debit Suisse bank, another Swiss bank operating in India since more than 10 years and was located 2 streets away from Swedo Bank where Pamphlet was found. Along with business they were common in few other things as well. Both banks have leased buildings from same builder and were almost look alike.

In email Mr. Bhagwat have asked a favor from Bank and asked them to permit special squad member to monitor activities in locality from roof over weekend.

In email, Bhagwat mentioned this is part of operation to tackle anti national activity happening in Mumbai, financial hub of India. In email he assured that Squad member will be not have any arsenal/ammunition and will be having authority letter issued by Mr Bhagwat.

At the end of email Mr Bhagwat requested to keep this information confidential and mentioned that Squad member will reach around 7 PM. This mail reminded Rajgopal Bhagwat's speech which he delivered at FICCI function 2 week earlier and asked that Police and Corporate sector need to work closely to stop anti national activities.

Rajgopal have not assumed such kind of cooperation from Mumbai Police and this mail astound him. He do not wanted to spoil relation with Mumbai police, on that other hand this mail was unusual to him. He asked his secretary to call Jaydeep.

In 5 minutes Jaydeep, Director of Security was in his room. Rajgopal conversed mail with Jaydeep, who was surprised just like Rajgopal. While they were in mid of conversation Rajgopal's Note 5 rang, he thanked to True Caller helping to recognize caller's name.

True Caller was showing caller name as Commissioner Office. He picked called, person on that other side asked that Commissioner wanted to check if he is received mail or not and if he can reply back to him. Rajgopal said that he was in meeting, he will check his mail and reply back.

After call, Rajgopal asked Jaydeep to check with his sources regarding new developments happening at Mumbai Police. Jaydeep left room and came back in 15 minutes.

Rajgopal was on call, he asked Jaydeep to sit on chair, quickly wrapped up his call and asked Jaydeep to share findings. Jaydeep said that yesterday Surya went to commissioner's office along with Bank's security head, they had an hour long meeting with commissioner and special squad inspector.

He further said this discussion was related to some threat they received in Bank. However he was unable to find any other details of discussion. Rajgopal thought for a while and called Surya from him mobile. He tried to get details of his visit to commissioner office in many ways, but Surya smartly turned down and said that as a casual meeting.

He looked at Jaydeep, and said "Looks like there is menace in this locality and I can correlate this with Bhagwat's speech in FICCI, what is your thought on this email". Jaydeep nodded his head and said "I think we should cooperate with Police in this matter".

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