Damsels in Distress Rules

by Ernest Bywater

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Desc: General Story: The basic rules and background on the operation of the Damsels in Distress Universe. This is posted with the approval of Lazlo, the universe creator, and is intended to help readers and writers to understand the universe better.



The Damsels in Distress universe was created by Lazlo Zalezac. It is his brainchild, and he is the final arbitrator of what does and does not constitute allowed DiD canon. He has been very free in what he’s allowed, so far. He also opened the universe for others to write stories in. The rules of the universe have been mentioned in various stories, and grown with the stories. Most of the rules mentioned here are from the stories by Lazlo, others are rules and expansions provided in other stories and approved by Lazlo. However, there are some stories set in the universe that have unapproved changes or break minor rules.

The bulk of the DiD universe stories are on the web site Stories on Line (SoL), storiesonline.net, and many include graphic sex scenes. Some stories do not include graphic sex scenes and are also available at SoL and at Fine Stories (FS), finestories.com. Most of the canon has been spelled out in the early DiD stories at SoL, and much of this has been repeated in the early Chaos Calls stories set in the DiD universe so the information is there for those reading them on the FS site.

The basic concept is women from the planet Cassandra travel to the planet Chaos and place themselves in danger, then a man from Earth comes and rescues them. After the rescue they go to Crossroads and have sex until the woman is pregnant. Crossroads is an administration centre and each Earth Hero involved has a female assistant there.

The Planets

There are four planets used in the main universe - Earth, Crossroads, Chaos, and Cassandra. There is a spin off series that uses another set of portals going to another section of Crossroads and another planet, this is not part of the main DiD canon and rules, but has not been ruled out, either. You need to read the relevant stories for the rules of that planet, if you’re interested in it. Those stories are on SoL in the DiD story list.


The Cassandra planet was involved in a war some centuries earlier than the stories are set in. There were DNA changes in the men and women of Cassandra as a result of after-effects of some weapons used. It’s almost impossible for the men to get the women pregnant and they all reach orgasm very quickly during sex. The weapons’ effect on the men is sending them mad with a form of dementia. Thus, very soon after the war the men were unable to handle any form of leadership role. All Cassandrans have a much longer lifespan than people from Earth do, and the women are attractive to males from Earth and Chaos.


Crossroads is a facility on a habitable moon near the spatial centre of the triangle formed by Earth, Cassandra, and Chaos. The portals and rules were established along with a very powerful computer to manage the details. Humanoid staff interface between the people and computer.

The computer keeps all data and provides all the services. It’s voice activated and able to create real objects then teleport them to where you are: food, furniture, clothes, etc. The medical technology heals broken bones, stab wounds, etc. in minutes, but can’t fix existing biological issues like cancer, etc. Around 2011 (Earth time) the computers were upgraded with the addition of a number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) controllers for each major function and a co-ordinating AI.

Originally the staff members were all from Cassandra. A humanoid supervisor from another planet is brought in around 2011 (Earth time) to provide more control and better management of the facility.


The universe was started in 2005 and the stories are set with Earth as the modern day Earth because this simplifies many aspects of the story. There is no reason why a story can’t be set in an earlier historical period of Earth, but you’d need to be aware of the developments that it pre-dates. The current canon has the system being in use for a few hundred years, with some recent changes. Also, the information provided has the system being established and operational during the 13th Century.


Chaos is basically a medieval world with all the smells, diseases, and disadvantages that go with such a period of civilization. It also has the brutality of an entrenched feudal system where might is right, and the winner takes all of the property of those they defeat.

It’s a single planet created by repetitive collisions of spatial objects adding to the mass over time; unknown numbers of meteors and asteroids colliding together. Terra-formed by aliens with an atmosphere created using gases and fluids released from the frozen rocks of the planet, with more gases added by the aliens. A vapour cloud was added to hold in the heat and mitigate harmful solar radiation. The aliens decided the climate was best suited for Sol three flora and fauna, so they were transplanted. Some did well, while others didn’t survive.

People and culture were added by transplanting early thirteenth century Earth villages and farms from England, Europe, Asia, and the Steppes of Russia. Their homes, shops, animals, and crops were put in various locations around the planet. The churches, priests, and upper echelons of their political system were not brought along. Religion was removed from their memories, and the idea of feudal lords who lived elsewhere and seldom bothered the general population was planted in the peoples’ minds. The common language is English much like it was used then, and now like in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In general, the people of Chaos have no curiosity and accept many odd things, like extra people coming out of banks, and people taking animals into banks and disappearing. This lack of curiosity also means they don’t think about or question their existence or the universe. They are a very pragmatic people and usually accept things as they are. From time to time there are people who are a bit more intelligent and a bit more curious, but they’re an exception and not the rule.

Over many generations something in the local minerals altered the people and removed the spark of creativity. Thus the planet still dwells in the middle ages and is now much like the western culture of the USA in the mid 1800s, but with little metal and no guns or explosives. Other changes include a burning feeling when having sex with Cassandran women, and pheromones of Cassandran females cause certain men from Chaos to irrationally want to possess them, yet they’re nearly driven insane by their inability to mate with them without the burning.

When it was linked to Earth a dampening field was created around the planet to prevent propellants or explosives like gunpowder from working. Most Earth flora and fauna now survive when taken to Chaos.

There are some changes being made on Chaos, due to the effects of the wars of which the Slaver War in General Sid is just one part. Chaos did have one natural mineral that’s dangerous and the AI computer removed the mineral, but replaced it with an equal tonnage of iron ore nearby, and some other useful minerals and sands; finding this mineral and exchanging it occurs in Shiloh. The total amount of iron ore is not that high. However, native deposits of nickel are also found and are of reasonable sizes. But few recognise the nickel as a usable metal and few know how to use it.

The everyday welfare of people on Chaos is slowly rising from a few centres of improvements created by some Earth Heroes who establish bases to operate from. In doing so they introduce better ways of doing things to help ‘their’ people, and those slowly flow out to the rest of the people living on Chaos.

The Plan

Investigations found the women of Cassandra can breed with the men of Earth. So the aliens’ social scientists developed a system to use Earthmen to impregnate the Cassandran women. The struggles and efforts of the Damsels assures their children will be cherished and not taken for granted, while the efforts and sacrifices of the Heroes assures they’re impregnated by the best men available. This provides a slow shift of power from the Cassandran males to the Earth - Cassandran males. The rescues by the Heroes provide an emotional and physical outlet for many of the best men on Earth. Also, it’s hoped the interaction with the people on Cassandra, Crossroads, and Chaos will prepare a core group of leaders to face meeting aliens visiting Earth in a sane and safe manner, at some future time.

The Cassandran women who have a very high probability of getting pregnant go in a lottery to be placed on a list to go to Chaos. There is a limited number of women sent to Chaos at any one time, this varies as per a complex algorithm used by the computer on Crossroads. Once the women are in danger the men from Earth go to Chaos to rescue them. After the rescue the man impregnates the woman during an interlude on Crossroads, and returns to Earth for a week to a few weeks before he can go to Chaos again.

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