Little Girls of Wonder Series - Julie Anne's Magical Adventure
Chapter 1

"Princess Julie Anne, where are you?"

"Bark, bark, ruff, ruff."

"Julie Anne! Julie Anne!" Queen Amy continues to call for her daughter.

All of a sudden a cute little blonde puppy with gray eyes of power comes playfully bounding out of the magical forest. "Ruff, ruff,"

"Julie Anne, did you turn yourself into a puppy again?"

The adorable puppy comes over to Queen Amy and wags her tail and again tries to speak to her mom. "Ruff, ruff, bark, bark." Queen Amy puts her hands on her hips and looks down at the puppy. Remembering that she forgot to turn herself back into her normal little girl form, Julie Anne magically shimmers into herself.

From out of a rainbow of swirling shimmering colors a pretty seven-year-old girl with blonde hair and gray eyes forms right before her mother. Julie Anne smile at her mom and goes to speak to her, but her first words as a little girl again come out like a puppy. "Ruff, ruff." Julie Anne smiles adorably as she brings her hand to her mouth in surprise. She clears her throat and tries again, "Sorry, mommy."

Queen Amy smiles, "That's okay, my darling girl. I know you like to turn yourself into a puppy sometimes."

"I was looking for my friend Cindy."

Queen Amy smiles wryly as she says, "You would think a blue dragon wouldn't be that hard to find, even if she is only a little girl dragon."

"Did you want something, mommy?"

"Oh, yes, your father, King David, and I are going over to the next town to buy you a birthday gift. It is now June, and very soon it will be your eighth birthday. The people of the Magical Forest of Whimsy and the magical kingdom of Azure wish to throw you a big party. So, why we are gone why don't you go through out the magical forest and let all your friends know you are going to have a grand birthday ball and they are all invited."

Princess Julie Anne smiles prettily as she is all excited about her coming eighth birthday party. "Okay, mommy, that is wonderful! Thank you! Where is daddy?"

"He is in the throne room taking care of a few last minute issues from our kingdom of Azure. After that we will be leaving to go to Rainbow City to get you your presents. We will be gone for several days."

All happy and excited, Julie Anne goes skipping off to find her father, King David. "Hi, daddy."

"Hi, baby, what are you doing today?"

"Earlier, I turned myself into a puppy and was looking for Cindy."

"Did you find her?"

"No. Mommy just told me you guys are going to Rainbow City to get me a present. She said while you two are gone that I should go through out the magical forest and invite all of my friends to the grand birthday ball."

"Sounds fun!" says King David. "Okay, I would feel better if you would take your blue dragon friend Cindy with you."

"I will."

"That's my good girl. The Dreamer says an out-of-season snow storm may be coming, so you be careful!" The Dreamer is a wizard who uses crystal balls to see the past, present and future.

"Yes father." Julie Anne smiles prettily and flies into her daddy's arms. "Thank you so much for letting me have a party."

"You are most welcome, my beloved daughter. After all, it isn't every day that the kingdom of Azure's princess turns eight. As you know, turning eight is a big deal in our magical world. Not only will you have more responsibilities in helping run the kingdom, but your magical powers will grow also. The age of ascension is upon us."

Julie Anne starts to glow a beautiful blue color, as she is happy. After the glow fades her summer dress that was green is now blue. "I remember, father, and I will be the very best princess I can be."

"I know! You have only ever made your mother and I proud. I love you, Julie Anne."

"And I love you, too, daddy."

A little while later Julie Anne is standing on the steps that lead up into the grand castle that is the ruling home of King David, Queen Amy and Princess Julie Anne. King David and Queen Amy get in their stagecoach. They all wave goodbye to each other, and then the six brown horses lead the king and queen away.

At the golden gates they all wave to each other one last time, and then Julie Anne smiles to herself and says, "Oh wow! Another magical adventure."

As soon as the king and queen are out of sight, Julie Anne shimmers back into a puppy and bounds off into the Magical Forest of Whimsy.

So begins Julie Anne's magical adventure.

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