Little Girls of Wonder - Martine: the Flower Goddess of Serenity
Chapter 1

"Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read this tale of beauty, wonder and serenity. My name is Martine and I am the Flower Goddess of Serenity. I love it when people are kind and sweet. Hugs, kisses, caresses and being held by someone who thinks you are so wonderfully amazing is a gift every girl deserves.

"Like walking through a flower garden where the scent enters your being and you feel loved and warm inside. Where the spectacular colors and patterns within the majestic flowers brings tears to your eyes because you are so free and full of courage that you can understand the majesty of being pretty.

"Unto the ending of the world must we understand that having someone who believes in you, encourages you and hopes only the very best for you is the key to serenity. For me that person is Krager, the Whiteknight of Might. He watches over me as I share of myself so unselfishly and shine all so prettily. I am a little girl goddess whose destiny it is to sing of wonder and serenity. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me."

"Hello, my name is Krager and I am the Whiteknight of Might. I am the Guardian of the Flower Goddess of Serenity. Her name is Martine, and I give thanks every day that she so willingly shares of herself with the world and with me. The eleven-year-old sweetheart with her long blonde hair and pretty blue eyes is indeed a goddess of the grandest kind. I am a better person because of her.

"Now some of you might be wondering why a goddess would need a guardian. Why? This is why, because it takes more than power and ability to obtain serenity. I am not just her Guardian, but I am also her friend who cheers her on when she wishes to share the splendor of the natural world with all who dare. She may be a goddess, but she is still a little girl, and it is nicer to go through life with someone who believes in you and likes to hold your hand.

"Whether it be in a field of flowers or in a lightning storm of untold power, together we take comfort in each other, and that is how she spreads serenity. From a sweet heart that shines with divinity she hopes she can show you how to find serenity. That is her purpose. Through the gathering and sharing of knowledge to unselfishly work to see others smile, laugh, learn and again giggle and be silly."

"Yes, I am Martine the Flower Goddess of Serenity, but I would wish you to put that aside and come explore the wonder of creation with me as my friend and equal. I am glad you just got to meet my Guardian, Krager, the Whiteknight of Might. He really is amazing. He loves me and encourages me and helps me be a better me. Yes, he really is amazing.

"He is tall at six feet and really strong. He can hold his sword against any and all who would dare to bully the sweet and kind, but he is also gentle enough that when he holds me or brushes my hair it is divine. Together do we seek out creation's beings and try to bring those who wish it serenity."

"As I am sure by now you have come to realize that Martine is pretty, sweet, smart, funny and pristine. Her only wish is that you are happy and that you have that one person who supports you no matter what. That one person when you do something right they cheer you on, and when you do something wrong they admonish you, but never stop loving you, and then they hug you, reminding you that you are worthy and they are proud of you.

"Did you know that a great scientist named Albert Einstein once said, 'What is right is what is left after everything that is wrong has been tried.' We must never stop seeking the truth, because Keats said, 'Truth is beauty and beauty is truth, ' therefore only when we feel pretty and see the truth of it will we find serenity. Don't let me confuse you. Why don't you come along with us on this journey of love and wonder, of majesty and exploration, of giggles and wiggles, as we adventure through the magical realm known as Creation."

"Please come with us because we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. We know you are special. We believe in you, and only wish for you to have that one person to hold and support you while you go through this thing called life. Walk with us amongst the flowers and soar with us high in the sky as we seek beauty, truth and serenity, just to see you smile one more time."

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