Chapter 1

Sunday 27th November 2016. Today is Advent Sunday, also called the First Sunday of Advent among the Western Christian Churches. It is the first day of the liturgical year and the start of the season of Advent. On this day in Lutheran, Anglican and Methodist churches priests wear violet-coloured or blue vestments and the first Advent candle is lit at Mass in the same colours.

The Age of Aquarius began around the year 1900 of our time and the question arises whether Christmas still has any meaning for us and our world. We have reached the age when the God’s sacred wisdom and truth is flowing with ever increasing strength directly from the Source of our being into all human hearts and souls who are open and ready to receive it, as well as those of our whole world. The deeper we move into this age, the more powerful these energies can be felt and the clearer it becomes that Christmas really has a great deal to give to us.

Earth life is a school, a mystery school to be precise. I am saying this because throughout my writings the mysteries of the Jesus story have constantly been revealing themselves. The tale turned out to be a legend, but in my view Christmas and the birth of the Christ child has much more meaning for our present time than could previously have been imagined. And that’s what this collection of chapters from my jottings is all about.

I believe that the Jesus legend was specifically designed to move us and our world, when the right time for it had come, onto a higher spiritual octave and into ever new dimensions of experiencing our earthly existence. As you will soon be able to see for yourself, the weeks of Advent are a preparation for the birth of the Christ child, who for over two thousand years has been waiting to be born in the heart of humankind, individually and collectively. And if you belong to those who are asking: ‘Can Christmas still give us something?’, my reply is: ‘Yes, it has!’ And you have come to the right place to find out what.

Christmas In Our Time

When we live in difficult times As a good example of what having faith truly means; When we try to make sense of the sacred texts of our world And find in them a new understanding of the symbolisms Of the ancient wisdom each one of them contains; When we realise that the newly born in the manger stands for the First stirrings of everybody’s own Divine qualities Of love, respect and compassion for all lifeforms, Which eventually comes alive in every human heart and soul; When as a result of this, we humbly kneel in love and devotion Before what the Holy child and Its parents in truth represent, That’s what Christmas means in our time.

When another one of God’s children of the Earth Finds out that the Jesus story is a legend And that no-one will wave some kind of a magic wand, To save and redeem us and our world, And that the only way this can happen is when each one of us Brings forth from within their own Christ characteristics, And starts to behave accordingly, Another Divine spark is coming alive and a Christ child born. That is what Christmas means in our time.

When through such knowledge those in despair Find rest and peace, comfort and healing; When the bringer of this good news acts unselfishly, With love and integrity, honesty and truth, And without seeking their own advantage, But feels compassion and enters with into the other one’s suffering, More sparks in human hearts are coming alive, Christ is born on the Earth plane and It’s Christmas in our time.

When in recognition of their true nature as children of the One, People’s hearts and souls open up and reach out To each other and say: ‘I forgive you!’, The wounds of all lifetimes are healing And the soul of our world does the same; When human beings treat each other with kindness and respect For themselves and each other; When hands reach across all barriers of race, colour, dogma and creed, And souls, knowing that we are all children of the One, Look for that which unites us and forget about What once separated us from each other, It’s Christmas in our time.

When souls love each other wisely, through thick and thin, Faithfully and true, totally and unconditionally, The way our Creator loves all of us, Their love is Divine and holy; When people understand that God means the Holy Trinity of The Great Father/Mother of all life, Whose only born Son/Daughter is the Great White Light At the top of the spiritual mountain, The Universal Christ; When yet another one of us grasps that it was S/He who Once spoke to us and our world through The tale of the Master Jesus, To teach us about the initiations all human souls Have to experience in the end, It’s Christmas in our time.

When the depiction of the child in the manger Helps us to recognise the love of our own Divine Parents, The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, Who created our world and everything in it, Including each one of us, to offer us opportunities for learning Something from every experience and For growing in wisdom and understanding; When with deep gratitude we feel that the Divine characteristics Of our true parents are coming alive in ever more hearts, And increasing numbers of us are making a conscious effort To act in more loving ways and that in all their encounters, Not just at Yuletide but any day of the year, then every day Is Christmas in our time.

When, for the people of today, these good things happen, Regardless of the events in the world around us, Christmas, in spite of everything that some say against it, Truly becomes a feast of joy; When the imagery of the child in the manger Helps us to recognise and reconnect with our own inner child, And we take a new delight in the beautiful old stories and carols, Because we recognise that in a way they have always been true, after all, It’s Christmas in our time.

When instead of taking the ancient tales literally, The way it was done in past ages, People start to look for the esoteric symbolisms That are hidden behind the surface words and through this Find a fresh appreciation for them; When yet another human soul on the Earth plane Grasps that the only thing that was ever needed Was a fresh interpretation of these stories, Then a renewal of faith is taking place in our world And a genuine love of God’s wisdom and truth, Mercy and love grows in ever more hearts and It’s Christmas in our time.

When people of all nations throw away their weapons And resolve their disputes in peaceful ways; When instead they reach out for each other in friendship and love; When with each new soul who awakens to their true nature, The Christ spirit is born and comes alive in yet another human heart, The soul of our world and the Angels in the Heavens rejoice, For at long last the long promised second coming And true Christ-Mass is taking place on the Earth, And Christmas has in our time found its real meaning.


From ‘Words of Wisdom For The Seasons Of The Year’

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