07-03 Mercenary Massacre

by Ernest Bywater

Tags: Violence, War, Military,

Desc: Action/Adventure Story: U MAMA are aligning with foreign and domestic criminals to get mercenaries. A South American Drug Cartel to recruit and train 20,000 soldiers and local criminal motorcycle gangs to steal weapons. Gerry has to act to stop them, but it all needs drastic action.

Unholy Alliances

In April 2013 spies inform Gerry of a series of meetings between U MAMA executives and senior members of a major South American drug cartel. Efforts are spent to find out what's going on. After two months of dedicated work by some very good agents the picture forms. U MAMA are offering their resources to the drug cartel to smuggle their drugs into the USA if the cartel will supply U MAMA with trained troops. They've an operation planned that needs twenty thousand mercenaries and U MAMA can't hire enough trained troops. They've hired some top mercenaries to train troops and lead them, but they can't get the general troops. An agreement is soon reached and the cartel is setting up a training facility in South America as well as supplying the twenty thousand mercenaries. U MAMA will pay the troops wages and supply the weapons and ammunition as well as transport them to the target.

From the spies Gerry knows where they intend to construct the training camp. He also finds out part of the price demanded from the cartel is a list of all the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) spies within their organisations. Gerry is a little quicker off the mark and gets the list first. While his people are seeking the agents in South America others are busy moving their families to safety. The DEA isn't told about any of this, for security reasons. Of the one hundred and fifty-seven agents Gerry's people get all their families to safe havens and one hundred and fifty-three of the agents are retrieved safely. In most cases they make it look like the agent's been killed. This is done in the hope the cartel won't continue to chase their families. The four agents they couldn't reach in time are tortured and killed by the cartel. The one good thing to come out of their deaths is the DEA had already gotten word to them to try and find out why the other DEA agents have gone missing and why their families have vanished. The agents tell this to the cartel's people during their torture. The cartel and U MAMA check into everything. They reach the conclusion someone else is after the agents and has killed them and their families before they can get to them. This makes them happy. Believing the people are dead already they stop looking for them. They also believe no US government agents are spying on them now.

Meanwhile the agents are telling everything they know to Gerry's people, because they're happy to find their families and themselves safe. They're very angry when told they've been handed over to the cartels as part of a deal by a major consortium of US companies with strong ties to the US government. They all take an extended holiday in Berant for their safety.

Gerry's people are on the ground at the training facility before they start building. They're able to closely examine the defences and security features, and add some extras of their own during the construction. The facility is listed on the government maps as a government army special training camp. The camp is big enough to house twelve thousand people at once. The intent is to train them in two groups and use them as two divisions when in the field. The cartel will use the first group of troops between when they're trained and when they're needed for the U MAMA operation.

The main camp facilities are made of concrete and corrugated iron. In the centre is the radio shed with a large and tall antenna built above it. There's a strong ladder attached to it and a lookout room constructed about three quarters of the way up it. This is about one hundred and twenty metres above the camp. Lookout is kept by a five person unit assigned from the camp personnel and by radar units on the sides of the tower. It takes about six months to construct the camp. Further down the valley is a major processing plant for the main leader of the cartel. He sees no reason why he can't use the camp as extra security for his normal operations.

Gerry has difficulty in getting agents inside the cartel operations, but the Gophers do manage to get some information about the cartel's off-shore bank accounts. When they can they withdraw funds from the accounts. Also, their shipments are intercepted and destroyed as often as possible. In most cases they wait for delivery to be made and make it look like the buyers double crossed the cartel. Gerry's people end up with the money while the buyers get the drugs and the cartel's people are dead. This leads to many clients suffering terminal injuries courtesy of the cartel's enforcement people. Since the attacks can be expected Gerry's people are able to notify the local police and many of the cartel's local enforcers end up dead or arrested. Thus adding more fuel to their flames of anger. This process also reduces the client base for the cartel's drugs by removing a number of the wholesalers. At the same time the cartel and U MAMA are busy recruiting mercenaries and people to be trained to become mercenaries.

The Plot Thickens

In late 2013 Gerry's people haven't been able to find out the intended target. But they've also found out U MAMA has a deal with a lot of the larger multi-state bike gangs across the US. They'll come together as a large group for a few special raids on U MAMA's behalf. U MAMA will supply cutting edge weapons which the gangs will be allowed to keep. They'll also be allowed to keep any cash etc. they find on the raids. The gangs are to gather in the desert near the White Sands military base. The exact location isn't known yet. They also find out U MAMA is organising medium range troop transports for the same month as the gang members are to gather in April 2014.

Early February 2014 and Gerry decides he can't afford to wait any longer. He hires some cruise ships and cargo ships. The Foresters, four companies of the Shields, and three companies of the Blackbirds embark on the ships with full kit and outfitted for war. Their vehicles and extra ammunition are stored on the transports. They sail for South America. Gerry flies to South America in early March.

Time to Act

The main cartel facilities they need to eliminate are in northern Colombia, they're not near the training facility which is in western Colombia, on the edge of the cartel's area of control. Gerry arrives in South America the same time as his troops. He immediately goes to speak with the President of Colombia and several of his senior aides. He puts forward all the information he has. He also seeks authority to attack and eliminate the training camp and the main bases of the four leading cartel members. He spends weeks trying to convince them to let him attack the cartel. All to no avail.

Some of the senior advisers are honest and have confirmed his information. Some are in the pay of the cartel and are telling them of what he proposes. Gerry has only a few aces left. They don't know his troops are already in the next country and they don't know he already has two companies of the Shields in the city or he deployed his main attack force planned for use against the training camp last month. He sends the signal to initiate the attack.

Three weeks after arriving Gerry is on his way to another meeting with the President when his car is attacked in the middle of Bogota, the capital city. The government security detail is killed by gunmen from the cartel and the car is stopped.

When the car and escort enters a major plaza type intersection near the Presidential Palace gunfire erupts from several sources. The four motorcycle military police are killed, so are the two soldiers in the front of Gerry's car and the four soldiers in the following vehicle. The killers move in, expecting to drag Gerry from the car and kill him.

He leaps out of the car on the traffic side with a combat knife in each hand. Charging at the three members of the kill team closing in from a nearby stopped van he deftly slices across the arms of the front two. They drop their weapons and they pull their arms back. Swinging his arms back and up he slices through their throats, severing both their arteries. Blood gushes forth. The third man fires into Gerry's chest at point blank range with an Uzi sub-machine-gun, and it has no effect. With one quick movement Gerry slices the man's throat open and the man drops to the road, dying. Bending down Gerry slips one knife into its scabbard while he picks up one of the dropped Uzis and turns towards the front of the vehicle. Two more members of the kill team run around the front of the vehicle just in time to be knocked back with three 9 mm rounds in their chests when Gerry gives them each a short burst. Diving to the side he rolls over and fires two short bursts at the two assassins coming from killing the soldiers in the following car. Both collect a trio of 9 mm chest renovators. Like the other two they collapse in great pain while they die. Looking towards the car Gerry can see one killer half in the far door aiming an Uzi at him. He fires at the killer, discharging two rounds before the weapon locks open on an empty magazine. But that's enough, because the rounds remove the top of killer's skull and create a fatal aiming error for the killer's rounds. The floor of the car receives a good burst of 9 mm mayhem from him while he dies, and they do no real damage to anything or anyone else.

Leaping to his feet Gerry sees another killer taking aim at him over the roof of the car. Before he can fire a large hand comes down on this weapon, interfering with its action while another slides a short knife into the killer's throat. Gerry's own security people are on the scene, he has them spread out along the travel route when he moves.

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