Ulternate Naval Story
Chapter 1

0700hrs Tokyo Foreign Ministry June 24th, 1939

Aide Tahasi Mikurdo looks at the latest news about the new US President.

John Toranoga Age:58 Lineage: Japanese ancestors Last of the Toranoga Clan, Samurai Warrior, known to take any and all action if the needs of his nation are threatened. Request full Alliance of state.

Tahasi leaves his office and heads to the palace and meets with the emperor, and his staff.

Fighter Plant 54B outside of Tokyo. 1100hrs.

Vice Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto looks out at the production lines of the A6M1 Zero Naval Fighter. A Commander approaches and bows to Yamamoto. "Yes Commander what is it?" he asks. "Sir the emperor Request your Presence for a matter of the state." the Commander tells his superior. Yamamoto thinks and nods heading to his car for the trip to the Imperial Palace.

Imperial Palace Tokyo 1200hrs. Vice Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto bows deeply to his emperor. "Admiral Yamamoto we have a opportunity to secure a strong Alliance with the United States. You will take the First Fleet to Wake Island where you will meet elements of the US navy there you will sail in company with them until you reach the panama Canal, than you will make your way to Washington DC. where you will Present this Sword to the American President." the Emperor holds out his left hand and a Old Sword is put in it. "This Sword belonged to the last Shogun it is of the presidents family line. return it and secure a full Alliance treaty. these are your orders Admiral DO not Fail." the emperor says and Yamamoto Bows Deeply again and backs out of the room. He turns and heads to his car. "Navy Ministry." he tells his driver.

San Francisco Naval Yards June 30th, 1939

Captain(Rear Admiral Selectee) Theodore Burfoot looked out at the assembled ships at the naval yard. "OK I see 18 Cruisers, and 32 destroyers, where are these new carriers I have heard so much about. Well here we go, let's see i need to find the Wichita. I look around and reach into my jacket pocket and look over my orders once again.

From: CINCPAC To: Captain Theodore Burfoot

You will assume command of CruRon 9, consisting of 8 Heavy Cruisers Lead by the Wichita (CA-45) You will set sail and meet up with elements of Vice Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's Command at wake Island. You will attach your command to his and will escort them on whatever mission they have. You will return to Pearl Harbor no later than 25th Nov 1939 I have included 7 of the Northampton Class Cruisers, the Houston (CL/CA-30), and her sisters Augusta(CL/CA-31), New Orleans(CL/CA-32), Astoria(CL/CA-34), Indianapolis(CL/CA-35), and the Chester(CL/CA-27). also Destroyer Squadron 4 will provide escort. these Orders are subject to change as needed.

God speed

Admiral James O. Richardson CINCPAC

I walk down the line of ships and find my new girl. The USS Wichita CA-45, only Ship in her class with a Displacement of 10,000 long tons, a length of 185.42 m, beam of 18.82 m, and a draft of 6.05 m, she was a fast Cruiser 38 knots and had a big bite with her 9x8in guns, 8x5in guns, and 8x .50 cal guns, she could hold off ships bigger than her class or run down anything smaller. I reach the portside ramp and walk up the ramp a Bosun's mate saw me approach and had assembled a side party. I reached the top of the ramp the mate blows his whistle and I hear "Wichita Arriving." I salute the Flag and ensign, I salute the boat officer. "Captain Theodore Burfoot Requests permission to come aboard." I say, "Permission granted Captain." he replies, Captain Jones is in his cabin this way sir." he says and leads me on a twisting maze of corridors until we get to a door guarded by a marine Sargent. "Captain Burfoot to see the Captain Hawks." the officer tells the marine. "Eye Sir." the marine says as he salutes and opens the door.

Captain Joshia Hawks Stands and shakes my hand. "Ted Great to see you." he says, he beckons me to the table. "Captain Jones, I relieve you." I say and Salute him. "I stand relived." he say back returning my salute. Captain Hawks leaves the cabin and leaves the ship. I sit at my desk and look at the Squadron officers list.

New Orleans CA-32 Commanded by Captain Gene K. Renalds Chester CA-27 Commanded by Captain Sergei Juski Houston CA-30 Commanded by Captain Francis White Horse Augusta CA-31 Commanded by Captain Markus Flemming Astoria CA-34 Commanded by Captain Jonas D. Duefrine Indianapolis CA-35 Commanded By Captain John D. Drew

these ships can be classified as light cruisers "CL" if needed. so I have a powerful task group. I pick up the phone. "Bridge how long until we can get underway?" I ask. "OK shove off at 1600 hrs. send message to all ships to form up by 2's and meet off point Bonita." I say after I hear the time frame. I put down the phone and head to my in port cabin and lay in the bunk drifting off to sleep catching up on the sleep I have missed.

1545 hrs. I wake up Shower, Shave and change into a clean uniform. I leave my cabin and walk to the bridge. "Captain on the bridge." a petty officer yells as I walk in. "At ease Gentlemen, XO do we have contact with all ships?" I as a Grizzled looking Commander. "Aye Sir All Ships have reported in, we have a mix of 8 Destroyers, 2 Brenson class, 3 Gleaves class, and 3 Sims class ships Sir." the xo says. "OK take in all ropes make preparations to get underway." I say "Aye Sir." the Bridge personnel Say.

the Sailors on all ships move about and the ships start moving from their docks and Steaming out under the golden gate bridge and forming up out side of Point Bonita. I move to the flag bridge. and Look out at the ships in my Task Group. 16 ships all heading on a run to pearl and than to meet with elements of the First Imperial Japanese fleet.

Berlin Germany June 30th 1939 Chancellors Building Meeting of the Military Heads. 0600hrs.

Adolf Hitler Chancellor of the Third Reich of Germany. looks at his Correspondence from his Consulate in Japan. "So the Japanese think they can walk away and keep the land the took in the last war we shall see. It says here that the Japanese fleet set sail 4 days ago 4 Carriers, 4 battleships, 20 Cruisers, 10 Destroyers, on a mission to Washington D.C. as our Spies tells us. Goering what is possible to send long range Bombers to the American East Coast?" he asks a Fat Officer in the uniform of a Field General Luftwaffe uniform. "Mien Fuhrer we can send 300 Condor Bombers with ME 110 Fighters to the US by way of Ireland, Iceland and Greenland. we can move them in 20 days, we shall ship munitions by u- boat to the base in Greenland. we can attack on or around Labor day. We attack Washington, and Norfolk Naval Yard if possible we can nail both the American navy and the Japanese fleet at the same time." he says sweating a little. A Man in a Fleet Admirals Uniform Speaks "We have 10 U-boats off the coast of the US following the merchant ships and radioing their location to our fleets." he responds. "Very Well the Order is given Kill that American President and as many of those Jew lovers!" Hitler yells as he storms out to the military heads saluting him.

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