Depression Soup
Forward: How To Make Depression Soup

Back in either 1937 or 1938 a hobo came to my cousin's back door and said, "I'm hungry, ma'am. Could you either give me something to eat or part of the makin's for some great tasting Depression Soup?"

Cousin Pearl laughed and asked him, "How do you make Depression soup?"

"Well, ma'am, first you steal a chicken and then..."

My cousin Pearl told him, "Stop right there. You convinced me I better feed you, "She laughed again. She had a flock of nice leghorns penned up in back of her house. She took his not too subtle hint to heart.

After he had eaten the plate of food Pearl fixed for him, he started to go. "I bet people seldom turn you down when you ask for food," she said.

"Well, ma'am, not the ones with chickens, anyway." With that bit he was on his way. Back during what was later to be known as "The Great Depression" innovative people innovated. When you have lost your home and your job, you either get smart fast or you don't do too well.

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