Mystic Girl
Chapter 1

In a place far away, a place known only in legends and myths exists a city called Midgar. Now this city isn't anything close to ordinary. It consists of two layers. It has a bottom layer called the slums. It isn't exactly the best place to be. It's polluted in the air and you hardly ever see the sun down there. The buildings are old and worn down if not falling apart or destroyed. The slums are divided into 7 sectors. Above the slums, held in place, is the top layer. This is made up of rich people, brand new buildings, plenty of sunlight, basically paradise compared to the slums. This is where our story begins. In Sector 4 slums something mysterious was happening unknown to everyone around it. Basically this was happening in secret.


A teenage girl lives there with her parents, age 16 now. She had a great life according to her but only because she hadn't seen the surface. All she'd ever known was the slums. At age 16 she was still energetic, always had to be doing something or she would drive someone bonkers. She had two best friends. Cloud, a 16 year old boy who she'd known since she was 5, and Tifa, a 16 year old girl who she'd known since she was 7. Her name is Meshka or least that is what everyone called her. Her actions were a bit of a mystery to everyone. As a little kid she was never afraid of anything or anyone except one particular group of people. This group was called SOLDIER and they worked for a company named Shinra. They were from the surface and every once in a while they came down to recruit people. Either that or they took someone away and never returned them. That was what scared her the most as a kid but now she wasn't afraid of them either.

Everyday she played with Cloud and Tifa in the junk yard because it was the only place with enough room and enough interesting things to use for their games. Most of the time they pretended that they were leading a rebellion against Shinra and it's army. Most of the time they won the battle but that's they way they thought. They seemed sure of themselves enough to beat Shinra. Unfortunately if any adult heard what they were doing they would say that they were being fools to believe that a rebellion could win. All the adults seemed afraid of them. Most called Meshka a fool for being so bold against Shinra but she didn't care, it's the way she was.

One afternoon she witnessed something that she would never forget. She had been running down the street past a family's house, one that she knew very well. She got along with them fairly well. She was with Cloud and Tifa at the time because they were going home after playing their war game again. She sort of felt odd like something was going to happen so she slowed down and told the others to go on ahead of her. Cloud and Tifa left, of course they ran on ahead like she wanted them to thinking it was no big deal. After a little while she heard screams from the house. At first she didn't know why but then shortly after the scream she saw it.

Two men in suits were walking out dragging a boy with them. The boy was yelling and hollering like it would help. The father was coming at them with a shot gun telling them to let the boy go while the mother was crying. The boy's name was Gladius, odd name but then again most were. The men said that Gladius was special and needed to be taken somewhere on the surface. She didn't like that much and on the spot decided that she would help. She marched up to the closest man and literally slapped him.

"Don't you dare tear apart another family like this!" and turned on the other man now helping the one she slapped off the ground.

All around she heard everyone's murmur of surprise at such a bold move. To tell the truth she didn't understand why they were so surprised. The father had lowered his gun from the shock of having a girl do that. The two men looked her over for a minute and then grabbed Gladius again, big mistake on their part. She hated being ignored much less thought as a weakling.

"Don't you dare touch him unless you want to get hit again only this time it will be a nice kick!"

That got their attention, thinking that she was being a fool and didn't know what she was doing. "Don't talk to us like that, we are from Shinra so you best not mess with us little girl."

She wanted to teach them a lesson so bad. She knew exactly who they were and where they were from and that is what pissed her off.

"I know well where you came from and who you are, that's what ticks me off! You just come down here taking people to your pleasure not caring about what it does to the family and people around them! You are jerks and stupid! I hate Shinra, instead of taking people from here why don't you take them from where you are at!"

She was literally yelling at them now. Trying to get the point across that they don't have a right to do what they were doing. She was aware of practically everyone who was nearby had stopped to see what would happen. She wasn't afraid of these men and was showing it. Understanding now came to the two men as they glanced at each other.

"Obviously you have not been taught to respect others little girl but that can get fixed."

That is when they got their stick thingies out. Batons is what she thought they were called but she preferred to call them metal pipes. She was looking to the fight knowing that it had come to that.

"I ain't afraid of you guys! If i was afraid then i wouldn't be doing this now would I? You don't deserve my respect and until you do you ain't getting it!"

She was smiling as she said that. "If only my parents were here to watch me now" was what came to mind. They would be proud of her. She thought back to when she told the others to go on ahead. She was glad she had done it because if she hadn't they would be trying to stop her. She started to laugh and the two men were again surprised to see that.

"What's so dang funny little girl? You finally realize how much of a fool you're being?"

She stopped and stared at them with this stare that sent shivers down the surrounding people's spine. She had this ice cold glare on her face with a smile as the only hint of some other emotion. It wasn't a happy smile either, it was a mischievous smile like she had a plan and was laughing at it.

"No. I just realized how much fun it will be to kick your sorry butts to the ground. I can't even begin to imagine how hurt you'll feel not to mention that by what i hear you will get a huge lecture from your boss when you show up empty handed and beaten."

That pissed them off big time. She was so confident in herself and she looked it too. To them though she came across and arrogant and obnoxious not to mention annoying. They were going to be late big time.

"Alright then, if you're so big and mighty then prove it to us. Prove that you can beat us."


She charged them and boy was she fast. The men didn't even see it coming until she was practically right on them. They barely had enough time to dodge. She hit the step railing and it bent. She was strong too they noticed. She stood straight and looked behind here because that was where they had gotten to. She charged again and they avoided the punch. As one dodged they other swung out and hit her on the head sending her to the ground. She immediately pushed herself off the ground and punched the guy that hit her. It was an amazing fight going on and people were cheering for her.

"You are bold to start a fight. We didn't think you could do well though. You're stronger and fast compared to some."

"Well thank you but I don't need you're compliments. I still hate men like you."

The fighting continued. She quickly gained the upper hand and started beating them pretty good. They were hitting the walls to the house and being hit across the street. One of them was lucky enough to block and hit back sending her flying against the house wall. She hit pretty hard too. The men had finally gotten a good hit in. Gladius ran to her to see if she was okay. She said she was but when she got up she wasn't as steady as she had been.

"Now that one hurt. Good job man you actually managed to do some damage to me. I'm gonna have one heck of a headache for the next couple of days."

She pushed Gladius to the side saying that if he didn't back up he would get mixed up in the fight. As soon as he did the men came charging and she sent them flying backwards onto their butts. It was an even match up to now. The men looked at each other and started to grin. She didn't understand but then she lost her balance and her vision blurred for a few seconds.

"Shit, what the heck just happened to me?"

"That little girl was the effect of the damage you took. You hit the wall a bit hard so it will effect your fighting skill. You sure you want to keep fighting us?'

"You bet losers. This is nothing yet. I'll be fine and I'll win too."

"You are pretty confident of yourself. Hope it don't get you killed."

They went at it some more. The father who was watching suddenly lifted his shotgun and aimed it at one of the men. People in the street that had weapons were started to say they would join. This annoyed her a lot. Go figure they would get the courage only if someone else was involved.

"All you people shut up and don't get involved I started it and I'll finish it got it!"

Of course they shut up and stared watching. Just as she blocked them they backed up. I should mention now that the metal pipes weren't the only weapons they had. They also had pistols with them.

"Everyone shut up and don't interfere or you'll get hurt. We're gonna teach this girl what it means to mess with Shinra."

Gladius being the weird boy he is decided that if Mistic could stand up to them then so could he. He stood up on the stairs next to his family.

"You coward, hiding behind a gun against an unarmed girl! You shouldn't be in Shinra if that is what you call fighting!"

They turned on him and aimed their guns at him. They were smiling too which scared him. Understanding came to Mistic in a flash. They really were going to shoot him and just like that she got up and as the guns went off and she got in the way of them hitting their target. It hurt real bad too! Who knew a gun could hurt so much. She fell to the ground not having the strength to stay standing. The mother screamed, the father yelled and charged at the men, and Gladius fell next her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know they would shoot me for calling them cowards. Please let me help you get somewhere safe."

It was a bit shocking to hear but he was crying too. He really was sorry she had gotten involved and thought it was his fault.

"You dummy, don't be sorry for me. There is nothing to be sorry about so stop your crying and help your father, he needs it."

He followed directions and stood up, stopped crying, and charged at the men with all his strength. You could hear anger as he screamed. For some reason all boys and men screamed when they charged somebody in a fight. I guess it was the way they worked around here. She was hurting everywhere, mostly because of the gunshots she just got to protect Gladius. The pain was so bad that she couldn't concentrate on anything else. Then all went black.

Now this is the part where you think she dies and my story ends but do you remember the part where i said something mysterious was happening without anyone knowing it. Well this is where everyone finds out about it. This mysterious event happens when Mistic is severely injured. Now taking that she was shot twice when protecting Gladius she fit the requirements. It's where she becomes a totally different person. She changes in a way that know ordinary person can. The only hint that would give it away is what changes. Her hair changes to black and red streaks while her eyes change to a red and black swirl. If it weren't for that you would think she was no different.

As her world grew black she went into what she thought a dream. There she saw an image of herself only with the changed hair and eyes. She didn't know it was her and she grew curious to find out. Then even that faded away from her and she fell into complete blackness. She couldn't feel, hear or sense anything.

As Gladius got to his father's side they saw the men stop suddenly and they had a shocked expression on their faces. Both men didn't understand what they heck made them stop but as they looked they noticed that the two men who had hurt Mistic were looking behind them in total disbelief. Not understanding still what could have startled them they turned around and there on the stairs they saw her getting up or at least they thought it was her.

Meshka having changed felt better. She wasn't hurting or anything. She could here that everything and everyone had stopped what they were doing. As she finished standing up she opened her eyes and saw everyone staring at her.

"Anyone who wishes to stay unharmed needs to move away from the two Shinra men and stay out of the way. I do not want to harm anyone but them."

Immediately following directions Gladius and his father moved back to where the mother was standing in total shock. Meshka walked down the stairs and into the street where the Shinra men were standing.

"I guess this is where the fun part starts huh? I hope you're ready because you caused this."

The stunned looks didn't make sense but she didn't care. They had hurt her really bad and now they had to pay for what they did. She was angry beyond anything that she felt and she now knew she had the power to stop them though she didn't know where it came from. With that she punched one guy and kicked the other one sending them flying down the street. They stood back up only to get hit again. Realizing that no matter how hard they tried they couldn't win they ran to their car and started it up. They had run away but not before they said something first.

"This isn't over you hear little girl. We'll be back and next time we won't lose to you."

"Come back whenever you want, I'll be waiting for you. Tell your boss what happened too since you're running like cowards why don't you."

Satisfied that she had won the fight she became unconscious. As she started falling to the ground the people around her cheered in joy. She had won and they were safe not to mention that she had kept Gladius from their hands. She was filled with joy as she went to sleep. Gladius and his mother helped her into the house to rest and heal from the gunshots. As they did that her hair turned back to it's normal blonde color and her eyes went back to green. They were relieved that she was okay.

Here is a nifty thing to her mysterious characteristic. Even though it's still her in that state she won't remember a thing about what happened. It will be as if all she did was black out. It's weird but that is the way it works for now. I'll tell you one thing though that will happen in the story. That little fact will change, something will happen where she will no longer remember just blacking out but she will remember what happened when it kicks in.

The next morning she wakes up in a nice cozy bed with covers keeping her warm. She didn't recognize where she was at and at first she thought that the Shinra man had taken her. She only stayed awake for about an hour before falling back to sleep. She was exhausted and she still hurt. Downstairs, Gladius called her friend Cloud.

"Hey Cloud, do you know how to get a hold of Meshka's parents? I need to tell them that she is alright. I'm sure they are worried about her."

Cloud was a bit surprised to hear from Gladius. They didn't really hang out much. It was even more surprising that he knew anything about Mistic but it was okay. As long as she was safe he was happy.

"Yeah I can get a hold of them if you want. Where is she anyways so that they can go get her? I'm sure they will be happy to hear that she is okay after not coming home yesterday."

Gladius was afraid that if he said she was at his place things would go wrong. So instead of that he had to come up with a plan to avoid causing anymore issues for her.

"Well, how about i just meet them somewhere and bring her with me. It would probably be better that way anyways. I don't want to cause any problems for her. Just give me the number and I'll call them or if they don't have a phone then I'll just take her home."

"Okay, I'll give you their number but i don't get why you won't tell me where she is at so i can pass it to her parents. Oh well, i guess things are complicated like that. Have fun talking to them and tell them i said hi okay."

"Thanks dude, you don't know how much i appreciate this. I'll call them right away."

As always he was relieved that all went as planned. He hated having to hide that she was at his place but he didn't think it was a good idea when Mistic was such good friends with Cloud and Tifa. Anything to avoid problems between friends is good. Of course he wasn't afraid of telling her parents. He could explain everything that happened to them without causes some sort of issue. He didn't understand what happened after she got hurt but he didn't think it was too important at the moment. All that was important now was calling her parents and making sure that she was still okay upstairs.

At about the time that he hung up with her parents she woke up and came downstairs. She was still a bit unbalanced and she looked like she was in pain.

"What are you doing awake. You shouldn't be up walking around you need to get back to bed and rest. You took some major injuries in that fight."

Mistic finally understood where she was. She was so happy that she had won, stayed alive, and kept Shinra from taking Gladius. What she didn't understand is how she managed it. She didn't remember ever actually winning the fight. Either way though, she couldn't stay in bed anymore. It would drive her crazy.

"I'm fine really, i just needed a little bit of rest is all. I'm glad you're okay, i don't remember anything that happened after you went to help your dad. What exactly did happen? Those guys pulled a dirty trick."

He was shocked that she didn't remember anything. He couldn't understand why that was, of all the things to forget she had to forget the most important part of the fight. He looked at her like she was crazy and she gave him a look that was confused.

"How can you not remember. You got up and beat the crap out of the two guys. They went running for their pathetic lives. You were scarey too, the look you had was amazing. That alone made most of us stop in our tracks. When you told us that we should move to the side so we don't get hurt everyone immediately moved. I've never seen anyone have that effect on people before."

She was still confused but at least someone knew what happened. Obviously she had done something out of pure instinct maybe even rage. She wanted to go home so that her parents knew she was okay but first she had to get back into her clothes. Apparently someone had come up with something for her to wear.

"Do you happen to know where my clothes are, i need to go home so my parents don't worry about me too much."

"Don't worry about your parents, they are on the way here. I told them that you were at my place getting some rest because you got in a fight with a couple of Shinra men to save me from being taken. Why did you do that anyways, it was a bit surprising. Of all the people to have enough courage to face them it was you over my own family. You're amazing, brave mostly but you're strong too."

Surprised that he had gone through all the trouble to tell her parents she decided to stay so that they wouldn't have to go looking for her. They were probably worried enough without her wondering off alone to go find them.

"Okay, I'll stick around but i still think its a good idea if i get back in the clothes i was wearing before i got in the fight. I don't mind wearing the ones i have now but i think it would be better on my parents. Also I'm getting hungry so food would help too, what you got to eat."

She was smiling as if what happened yesterday was no bid deal. It was amazing the way she acted around others. She was always in a good mood and could cheer pretty much anyone up. She hated Shinra for the things they did but no matter how mad she was at them she hardly ever showed anything but happiness. That or mischievousness, either way it was good.

"I'll get you some food but unfortunately i can't do the same about your clothes. They got a bit ruined from the fight and then to get them off without hurting you anymore than what you were my mother had to rip them. In other words they didn't survive sorry. I'm sure it will be okay though. You should go back upstairs and rest really, my mom would throw a fit if she saw you walking around."

"Okay, I'll go back upstairs. Thanks for everything from all you guys. I appreciate it so much."

Grinning like a little child she turned and went back upstairs. Gladius went into the kitchen to see what he could make her. Finally after searching the whole kitchen he decided on making her some eggs. She loved eggs, preferably fried eggs. About halfway through making them he heard a knock which meant her parents must have gotten here already. He turned the stove off so that he wouldn't burn anything and went to answer the door. When he got to the door way he saw Mistic coming down the stairs. She didn't look pleased.

"Don't answer the door, it's Shinra again. They're back but it looks like different men this time. They must have come close to being fired after being beaten by me. This is not good, I don't think i could manage another fight against them. We have to hide from them for now."

As always he knew she was right. She didn't look pleased at all and he got the feeling she was telling the truth. He came up with a place to hide for her and told her to stay while he checked who was at the door. If she was wrong and it was her parents he would let them in but if she was right then he would come and hide with her. As he closed the way to the hiding spot she began to come up with a plan to help if he needed it. She couldn't handle them on her own but she had to help.

He approached the door and looked through the peep whole and it was in fact two different Shinra men. He knew he shouldn't open the door and go hide but he was stopped because they said something to him.

"We know someone is in there, we heard someone cooking. Answer the door."

He did because he had to. No way was he taking the chance of them just barging in here because he wouldn't open the stupid door. He unlocked it and opened it. As soon as he did the men walked right in.

"What do you want with me and my family. You have no business to be here."

The men looked at him with a smile which frightened him. Apparently they weren't here for sport.

"Oh on the contrary little boy. We do have business here and it involves you. A couple of men came here yesterday to take you to Shinra but someone interfered. We came here to finish the job only we won't fail. You are to come with us and believe me you don't want to fight us. You seem to be alone at the moment which is perfect for us. It means no one else will get involved."

Of course Gladius didn't like the idea of leaving so he positioned himself so that he could run right up the stairs fast enough to close the door on them and hide with Mistic until they left. He was out right scared and didn't know if his plan would work in this situation. If he could he wanted to keep Mistic out of this. She had risked her life for him once and that was enough for him.

"Yes I'm alone but I'm not going with you no matter what you do. I don't know why you want me but i don't care."

This made them smile. Apparently they didn't mind that he was trying to be bold. They found it entertaining actually. The worst part was that they couldn't tell if he was telling the truth or not. They started walking around the house and as they got into the living room Gladius ran up the stairs. Since they didn't see where he went they had to go into every single room up there, which was 5. Fortunately for Gladius it took a bit for them to do it and as they did he got Mistic. He led her to a room with a walk-in closet and said that there was an escape route. The ceiling of the closet had a hiding door in it and a ladder in the closet. They used the ladder to get into the ceiling, brought the ladder with them, and closed the door so as not to be found.

That was the only thing they could do but there was a chance that the two men below them would find out about the hiding door to the attic. There wasn't a whole lot of stuff up in the attic simply because his parents didn't really keep anything from the family except very valuable things. There were two windows too but those only led to the roof and if they went up there they wouldn't be able to escape at all.

The men got to the third room when someone knocked on the door. Of course Gladius and Meshka knew exactly who it was. It was her parents, they had shown up at the wrong time. The men below them rushed downstairs and she followed despite Gladius' warning. She couldn't let her parents get hurt because of her. As she got to the stairs she froze. There was a conversation going on downstairs and she wanted to know what would happen to them.

"Well hello there. May I ask who you are and what you want. We happen to be in the middle of something and would prefer not to be disturbed right now."

"Actually we are here to pick up our daughter. She is supposed to be here with a friend. Apparently she got into a fight yesterday and was injured."

Looking at one another they smiled and chuckled. They figured out that the girl that was the daughter was the girl that had interfered yesterday.

"Unfortunately we have business with her. You see she interfered with something that Shinra was involved with. She injured a couple of our men and has become of some interest to the company. It appears that she had a bit more strength then a normal teenage girl her age. We are also after the boy who lives here."

Meshka knew that trouble was coming now unless she did something. She was in no shape to fight though and wouldn't be of much help to her parents but what other options were there except to give up and do what they want.

"I don't know what she could have possibly done but our daughter will not go with you to Shinra. We won't let you take her."

"Such a bold statement. Now we know where she gets it from. It appears that you are serious about it so maybe we can do something about this whole mess."

They had finished talking and Mistic heard them pull out there guns. She started getting angry and not matter what happened she was going to help her parents. She started down the stairs but stopped again.

"We know you're there little girl. We have your parents. If you don't want them hurt then you will come out unarmed and come with us to the upper level where the Shinra HQ is located. If by chance you feel like you can fight us then go ahead and try. We don't want to hurt anyone we just want cooperation from you and your friend."

This unfortunately was not the best way to do things. She got mad at them for using her parents as bait to lure her out. Unfortunately for her it had worked. She didn't want to see them hurt. So she went down the stairs into the living room.

"It appears that you have come to your senses and have decided to come out of hiding. You're a good girl to do so. Thanks to you coming out your parents will be safe if you cooperate. Why don't you come over hear so that we can have a better look at you?"

"I hate you guys. Stop using my parents to get me to do things, it's not right to do stuff like that. You guys are pathetic."

She stayed put with a defiant look on her face as if she were challenging them. She was so confident of herself despite what she had gone through the previous day.

"You have a lot of courage saying something like that the way you are. We know all about the injuries you got from fighting the previous Shinra men yesterday. You couldn't have possibly healed from that all the way yet."

"You're right, i haven't healed from it yet but that doesn't mean i can't fight you."

"You are being a fool. Don't forget that your parents are at risk here too. Don't fight with us we don't want to hurt you are your friend. Just come peacefully."

She knew that they didn't want to hurt her or Gladius. Obviously they were important to Shinra or they wouldn't be trying so hard to get us to come with them. What do i do, i can't attack because they have my parents but if i go with them who knows what will happen? What if they aren't satisfied with just me and they wait for Gladius's parents to come home? Will they use them against him too?

"AAAHHH! I hate this! I don't know what the heck to do dang it! Why the heck does it have to be me, what's so different about me that you want me to cooperate so much?"

At that point she was willing to do anything to protect those important to her. She started to walk around thinking. Then she got this huge headache that hurt real bad. It was the worst she's ever gotten. She felt a sharp pain, it hurt too and she couldn't seem to make it stop. After that she lost all sense of what happened and collapsed to the floor.

It's been several weeks since any Shinra men have shown up and everyone's lives went back to normal. Even Mistic's life went back to normal, she was treated like a regular person. No one spoke of the fight between her and Shinra. Her parents simply left it up to her on if she wanted them to do anything. She was old enough to take care of herself. Cloud and Tifa never asked her what had happened to her.

This is where i mention the normality of life down in the slums. There wasn't too much a difference except cleanliness and comfortably. Every child went to school until they were 18 years old or until they got a job either in Shinra or a regular everyday job. It was pretty simple. You had the basic courses and then you had a few extra. Most kids now wanted to take a fighting course because a lot of kids said they wanted to join Shinra so they could change the world for those in the slums or so that if a revolution actually started they could fight with their fathers or brothers.

It was a normal day at school. No one was to particularly happy to be there. It happened to be a Friday afternoon right after lunch. An announcement came on that shocked everyone. It isn't heard very often if at all at the school.

"Please excuse the interruption but we have an important announcement before you start your weekend. Shinra has decided to come down this weekend and let anyone who is interested sign up for recruitment. This is all very important and we don't want any fooling around so please take this seriously. Also, Meshka and Gladius need to come to the office."

Everyone was stunned at first but then all the boys started yelling in joy. Many were now looking forward to this weekend while the girls looked at each other in annoyance. Meshka was shocked, she knew they would come back but why during recruitment. It didn't make any sense. She looked at Cloud and Tifa with a confused look on her face and they just shrugged. They didn't know what was going on any more than she did.

"You'd best get Gladius and go Mistic. They're waiting for you at the office and i don't think you want to get in trouble. I don't know what's going on but try not to get into any trouble."

"Okay Cloud I'll make sure not to get into too much trouble but don't be surprised if you see me running down the hall. There is a good chance that will happen got me."

She of course caught up to Gladius as she walked down the hallways to the office all the while muttering to herself about how stupid this was. She was still determined to stay with her family and help in the revolution. That seemed smarter than going to Shinra and fighting, what good were they to them anyways. As they approached the office they both saw the Shinra men in there. It was two completely different ones than the others and these ones looked real tough. It wasn't going to be an easy escape this time around.

"Well hello, you must be the kids who seem to keep outsmarting our men. You are a good team we hear. I don't suppose you're happy to see us but that's okay. Unfortunately for you we have been ordered by our boss to bring the both of you in to see him. He is very interested in you Meshka and especially wants to meet you. We were supposed to already gotten Gladius but it seems you interfered on his behalf."

"Got that right buster and I'll do it again if i have to! I ain't afraid of you boys!"

"Boys are we. It seems you don't know the difference between a child and a man. We happen to be stronger and taller than you so don't push your luck little girl. We do not have nearly as much patience for children as the others have with you two. We will take you to Shinra one way or another. We hear that out of both of you Meshka happens to be the best of this little team of yours."

"That's right busters and if you want to take me to Shinra than you'll have to catch me first losers. Bet you can't I'm way too fast for the likes of you. You may be stronger but that ain't all that counts."

With that she took off running down the main hallway and back to the gym. She was gonna make one heck of a scene before she went down. She enjoys this kind of stuff anyways and at least this would make a good start to everyone's weekends. She was smiling and laughing from joy. Of course the teachers and students heard so doors began to open.

"Come back here you little brat, we don't have time for this game of yours."

"Catch me if you can losers. I'll only go with you if you can."

Since the classroom doors were opening teachers were watching. In sheer disbelief at what was going on. Here were two Shinra men, tough looking ones too, and they were being outrun by a mere girl. Students were laughing and teachers were stunned. Every once in a while she would hear: "No running in the halls Meshka you know that!"

"Sorry teacher but i got to run, besides it's so much funner to watch these guys try to catch me then to walk down the hall. Let me have some fun with them first then I'll go back to listening to school rules promise! Oops got to go they're catching up!"

Off she went again. Her speed was amazing and the men started to have some trouble just keeping her in sight much less catching up with her. She turned left and went straight into the gym.

"I'm back and I have someone on my tail so can't stay long. I'll probably end up ditching school for the rest of the day so I thought I should bring them this way just for a bit. Cloud, Tifa want to join in on the game. It's really fun if you can run fast enough. I'm really enjoying myself."

She stopped with her friends and let the men catch up at least into the gym before even thinking of taking off again. This was so much fun she almost fell down laughing. She was smiling like a little kid again because of all the mischief she was causing at the school. Her parents were sooooo getting a phone call for this little stunt she's pulling right now.

"There you are you little runt. You've cornered yourself in this gym and now you'll have to come with us. Just be a good little girl and don't fight us. We don't want to hurt you."

"Yeah right like I'm gonna believe that from you two. I told the others and I'll tell you as well. I hate Shinra, everyone in it are nothing but jerks. I won't come with you no matter what."

Everyone was waiting to see what would happen and Gladius finally got back to the gym just in time to hear her last statement. She was obviously brave considering that this was the third time she has said somthing like to Shinra's men. Either that or she was just a fool who was stubborn. Everyone was surprised, no one had seen the first fight she had gotten into so no one knew what she could do to these men if they did something wrong.

"Aren't you full of yourself, you really think you can escape a third time from us? You've been lucky not to mention that the others weren't exactly strong enough to handle you but don't worry you'll have more of a challenge with us."

"Hmph, i don't care either way. I still ain't going with you. If you really thought you could handle me then why couldn't you out run me and catch me before I got to the gym full of kids? I guess you ain't as tough as you thought fellas."

With a smile on her face she took off running again. The men followed her and she started turning around. When she did she ran right past them and went in the direction of the exit doors back into the hallway. Gladius was still standing there plus Cloud and Tifa were in that direction. They were smiling at her as she came their direction as if they were enjoying this.

"Come on if you want to join too. Me and Gladius are gonna give them the work-out of their pathetic lives! Gladius be ready to run as soon as I come by because they want you too remember!"

Altogether the four of them ran down the hallways to outside where they split up. Cloud to the left with Tifa and Gladius to the right. Mistic just kept going straight like always she was using herself to drag the men away from the school.

"YEEHAA lets go slowpokes I ain't waiting for you!!!"

This was a pretty wild chase. In the end they couldn't catch her or find Gladius. She was pretty smart to come up with this plan. She didn't actually call it a plan because she came up with it as she went. It sort of all fell into place where they needed to go. She figured that Cloud and Tifa after being safe went back to school so now she was off to find Gladius. They needed to find a place to hide for the weekend.

After a bit of searching she finds him hiding in an abandoned church that was really old, probably been there since the old times.

"You know I have a better place to go. We can go to the junkyard where me, cloud, and tifa play our war game. We have a hideout there that we always use. No one but us know where it's at. You'll really like it there."

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