Night Moves

by Carter County

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Desc: Romance Story: A young man and a young woman share night moves

As usual no descriptive sex scenes in this story.

This story was partially inspired by Bob Seger's song "Night Moves" but mainly by a relationship I had while in college.

Constructive comments, emails, and critiques are welcome and appreciated. I hope you enjoy my story.

I used her, she used me
But neither one cared
We were gettin' our share
Workin' on our night moves

(Bob Seger ... Night Moves)

I would have bet chalk, money, or marbles that I wouldn't be here, in this place, in this situation, today. The situation is me sitting at the lounge in a big time hotel waiting for my wife. Today is our first wedding anniversary. As I said I didn't think I would ever be here.

Taking my first sip of a really good bourbon I thought back over the preceding years. It all started while I was in college.

I'm Jason Morgan and Stephanie Daniels is or was or hell I don't know my fiancée. Steph and I met at our local college in St. Louis. We started dating and got engaged in the middle of our sophomore year. Then she got a scholarship to some big time school in New York City. Neither of us really wanted her to go, at least I didn't want her to. But it was too great an opportunity to pass up so she left. Promises were made that we would talk two or three times a week and visit each other as much as possible.

Not that visits would be very often, mostly holidays, spring break, and over the summer. Neither of us could afford to fly back and forth too often and it was too far to drive for a weekend visit. We talked and wrote each other a lot her junior year.

I called on Thursday to talk to Stephanie about our plans about a month before the summer break.

"Jason Honey, I won't be coming home over the summer," she told me. "This program is full time all year long. I thought I told you that."

"No that was one fact you neglected to tell me Stephanie. You know I took that internship here and I won't be able to come see you more than three or four times all summer. Why would you want to go the school all year long when you knew we wouldn't get to spend some time together? We were supposed to plan our wedding over the summer."

"That's how you get your advanced degree in such a short period of time. Study, study, study," she said.

"But Steph..." I began

She interrupted me, "Baby, I love you but I think we should see other people while I'm in New York. It doesn't make sense for either of us to sit at home for a whole year." There was silence on the line for a few seconds. Then..."We can plan the wedding when I get home."

"Wait a minute. You want to break our engagement so you can date while you're in New York. And you expect me to just sit at home and wait for you?"

"No silly. I'm not breaking anything," Stephanie replied. "I'll be back when I get my degree and we can get married them. And you can go out and have some fun too."

"Thank you so much Steph. I mean it's really decent of you to let me have a life too.

"Now don't be like that Jason. Look I've got to go, got a late class. Call me tomorrow night and we can talk some more. Bye Honey."

I couldn't believe she just hung up on me. I also couldn't believe the bull shit she'd been spouting. See other people huh? Wait a year for her to come home, I don't think so.

Friday evening I called to have it out with Stephanie. Her new roommate, Donna, told me she was out with Ralph. "Want to leave a message?" She asked. I told her I would call back tomorrow around noon.

Saturday I called at 12:30 afternoon New York time.

"She hasn't come back to the apartment yet," Donna told me. "Ralph and her must be having a really good time. It's a good thing too. I told her if they didn't find somewhere else besides our apartment I was gonna move out so I could get some sleep. I'm sorry; I've just been running on and on. You wanna leave a message this time?"

"Yeah I do. Tell her Jason called like she asked."

It was close to eight when Stephanie called, that's nine New York time.

"Jason I'm so sorry," she said. "I forgot you were going to call. Anyway I'm here now so we can talk."

"Just one question Steph. Did you wear your engagement ring when you were screwing good ole Ralph or did you take it off?"

"Honey, let me explain."

"No explanation needed. Your idea of seeing other people is to screw as many guys as you can before you come home," I said. "Tell you what Steph, you can keep the ring, it doesn't mean anything now. Good luck in school."

I heard, "But Honey" as I hung up. My phone rang in just a minute but I didn't answer. Stephanie didn't have anything to say that I wanted to hear.

The next Friday the study group I was part of pulled an all nighter. I stumbled home around 9 A.M. Saturday morning. Stephanie was sitting on the steps in front of my dorm building.

"Hi Honey," she said and tried to hug me.

I pushed her away. "What do you want Steph?"

"I wanted to see you and explain about last week end."

"We said everything that needed to be said on the phone. Now I just put in an all night study session and I'm tired. Go away. I hope you and Ralph will be very happy." I walked past her and went to my room.

Stephanie called me around 1 and again at 1:30 and again at 2. I hung up each time I heard her voice. I left my place about 6. She must have been waiting for me because she was sitting on my front steps.

I held up my hand before she could speak. "No Steph. We don't need to talk, it is what I think it is, and I don't believe that it's only me that you love. So save your breath and don't waste my time. Go away and leave me alone." I jumped into my car and drove away.

The study group had decided to meet at Antonio's Pizza Palace. There were six of us having a good time and celebrating the conclusion to the project we'd been working on. John and Sally, Barry and Jane were sort of dating after spending so much time together during the project. That left Rocky and me; Rocky was really Raquel Jenson. She hated her name.

When we met at the first get together of the study group Rocky told us, "My parents must have been high or drunk or something when they named me Raquel." She looked at us with a serious face. "The first one that calls me Raquel gets a book upside the head. Call me Rocky."

The other four members of the group didn't say anything, they just nodded. Rocky turned to me and asked, "Understand Jason?"

"Sure thing Raquel. Anything you say," I replied with a grin.

She looked at me for several seconds and then grinned too. "I'm going to have to keep an eye on you, aren't I?"

From that night it was always Rocky and me. We studied with the group but it was just us two that would cram for exams. It was just us two that went to coffee houses and bars to debate and discuss our project. It was just us two that would party when we got good progress reports. We also shared the disappointment when our work got turned back by the professor. It was always just Rocky and me.

If our situations had been different I could have fallen for Rocky; big time. She was almost as tall as me at 5' 9, with curves that let you know she was a woman; coming or going there was no doubt. Her long auburn hair kept falling over her face and hid her green eyes. And she had an easy way about her. When she talked to you it was like you were the only other person in the room.

Our relationship wasn't sexual or loving or anything. We were just two friends with a lot of the same interests and outlook on life. Hell Rocky was engaged to a guy going to school at Oxford in England. If one of us had a personal problem the other one was always there to talk to.

When I called it off with Steph, Rocky was there for me. We went to a driving range and hit golf balls until my hands bled. Then we went to a bar and when I got too drunk to walk, much less drive, Rocky took me to her apartment and put me to bed on her couch.

Before I lost my battle with a bottle of tequila Rocky said, "When the word gets around campus that you're a free agent, well ... you better stand back or you'll get run over."

"What?" I asked.

"Look at you. You're what 6'2 and a solid 200 pounds. You got that dark wavy hair and those baby blue eyes." I started to speak and Rocky held up her hand to stop me. "Plus cleaned up you ain't a bad looking guy. I wouldn't be ashamed to be seen with you." She chuckled at the stunned look on my face. "Yes sir, it's going to be a stampede."

Rocky was the one that convinced me that Steph was the idiot. "She had a man that worshiped her, that would do anything for her, and would have been the best husband ever. Then she expected you to wait for her to get done with her boy toys and come back to you. Stupid bitch is what she is."

"Yeah, if she's too dumb to know what a good catch I am, she doesn't deserve me," I replied laughing. After that night I was okay; I began to forget about Steph.

Rocky was the one that convinced me to spread my wings as it were and get back into the game; to quit feeling sorry for myself and begin looking for Steph's replacement. And Rocky was the one that listened and gave advice when I talked about the women I dated. Yeah, things would have been a lot harder without Rocky's help.

About two months after I came back to life Rocky called me. We talked about nothing special for a while but she sounded down.

"What's on your mind Rocky?" I asked concerned for my friend. Rocky was always upbeat and full of life but not that night.

"You got anything on for tonight," she asked. "If not could you come over and spend the night?"

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