How Did I Get Here?
Chapter 1

Just like any other year I told myself as I walked past the band hall at Sinagua High School. Just like any other year I repeated just to remind myself not to expect too much. But I couldn't even fool myself, who was I kidding I was so excited to FINALLY be an upper classman. I even tried to change my appearance for this year. I had put more of a curl into my already wavy blonde hair and put on mascara (which I hardly ever wore) just to make my dark blue eyes pop. Instead of my normal jeans and a tee shirt, I wore a denim mini skirt and a purple spaghetti strap with some wedge sandals to make my normal 5'3" seem a little taller.

I continued to walk looking around laughing to myself about how short the freshmen were this year. Did I look that small? I wondered to myself. I was too busy laughing to myself and not watching where I was going. I knew these halls like the back of my hand; after all it was my third year here.

I looked up just in time to run into someone stopped in the middle of the hall. Stupid freshmen I thought as I felt a pair of strong arms grab me around my waist as I was about to hit the ground. I looked up still in a pair of arms to see who had caught me. I saw a guy with gorgeous green eyes and short black hair. Nice Kara, way to make an impression I thought as I stood up and noticed he was a good four inches taller than me.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going" I said as I knelt down to get my books that were now scattered across the hall. Wonder if I hit anyone with them I thought as I held back a laugh. He knelt down next to me and started to help pick up my books.

"Don't worry about it; I don't half the time either ... Then again I don't try to run over strangers" he said jokingly as he handed me the books he had picked up.

I mumbled thanks as I turned bright red. I continued to look down at the ground not wanting to walk away but also willing the ground to open up and swallow me whole because of embarrassment. "At least you didn't hit anyone with them when you threw them" he joked bowing down a little to look at my face which I was trying to cover with my hair.

I looked up at him smiling a little. "I'm Kara by the way, but my friends call me Kay" I said still embarrassed but trying to change the subject. "Are you new here?" I asked then instantly wanted to kick myself. Of course he's new you haven't seen him around idiot I thought to myself. "Yea, I just moved here from Portland, Oregon" he said as we stared to walk down the hall.

I heard footsteps behind me and saw the mystery guy I was walking with look over my shoulder to the person behind me. Go away I thought but didn't dare speak the words aloud. "Wow Baby P, you haven't changed all summer. Still as clumsy as ever" I heard my best friend say from behind me as he walked over and rested his elbow on my shoulder. I looked up at Jake and rolled my eyes at him.

Jake was one of my best friends since I was born, so we had numerous inside jokes and knew each other better than anyone else. This included our other best friends Alyssa and Vincent Kelly that we had met in fifth grade. When Jake and I would introduce each other to people we didn't know (Which wasn't too often) we would introduce them as our sibling, mainly because my dad married his mom eleven years ago when we were five.

"J.J. we hung out all summer. So you know I haven't changed luckily!" I joked as Jake shook his head at me. "Hey, I'm Jacob Bandura, but my friends call me Jake. Sorry about Kay, she's a real klutz sometimes ... well all the time" Said Jake as he stuck his free hand out to shake the mystery guys hand. I gave Jake a quick glare when he had the mystery guy's attention. When Jake saw this he just shrugged a little.

"I'm Jason Wilson, but call me Jay" he said as he shook Jakes hand. Cute name for a cute guy I thought with a slight smile. "Thanks J.J., I'll see you in government" I said quickly as I pushed him Jake towards the stairs that led to the history hall. As he was walking down the stairs he turned and winked at me playfully before disappearing, causing me to roll my eyes at him. What a dork I thought as I turned back to Jay and saw him smirking at me.

Getting confused at why he was smirking I shifted slightly from one leg to the other and asked "What" as I continued to squirm under his gaze.

"So you do this often" he asked still smirking at me as he was trying to hide a laugh but failing horribly. I blushed again as we started down the stairs to the history hall. The minute bell rang causing us both to look up then back at each other.

"I have to go, but I'll see you around" I said wishing I had more time with the dark haired cutie I'd run over. I turned and started to walk away. "Kay wait, do you know where room 615 is?" he asked me holding up a schedule that I was noticing for the first time.

"Yea, I'm heading there now" I said more excitedly than I should have. Then looked down and blushed for the millionth time since I had met him. Why does he make me so nervous? I just met the guy I thought to myself as we headed down the hall towards room 615.

"So what brought you to the lovely town of Flagstaff?" I asked as we walked into the classroom. "Jay! Baby P! Come sit by us!" yelled Jake as soon as he saw us. I laughed and headed towards Jake and our other friends with Jay close behind me. I sat down in front of Jake with Jay in the seat next to me. He looked a little annoyed for some reason, I just couldn't think of why. Did I say something wrong? I thought Nah; I just asked why he moved here ... Oh well.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a hand in front of my face and being nudged. "Dude, Baby P, what's up with you today?" I heard my other best friends Vincent Kelly ask. I turned and looked into his grey eyes and saw he had a mischievous look in them that I knew all too well because when he had that look in his eyes the four of us normally ended up in trouble. I then heard him, Jake and much to my surprise Jay laughing at me.

Great, turning into just a buddy I thought before answering "Nothing just a little spacey today" as I rolled my eyes the three boys. "Yea no kidding, but that's nothing new. I remember this one time we were out hiking and Kay wasn't paying attention to where she was going saying 'I know where I'm going. I know this area like the back of my hand' then right after she almost walked backwards off a cliff" said Jake laughing along with Vincent and Jay.

"Jacob!" I practically yelled at him. I realized how loud I had yelled when everyone in the classroom turned and looked at me. I look down feeling the blood rushing to my cheeks. I could hear a few people laughing at me. I was use to people laughing at my clumsiness at school, but I still blushed every time.

"See what I mean?" Jake asked laughing along with half my class. Why do I always do that? I thought to myself glancing at Jay when I wasn't blushing anymore. That was short lived due to the fact that I blushed as soon as his green eyes met my blue ones. He probably thinks that I'm the biggest freak in the school and I know Jakes not helping me at all I thought looking to the front of the classroom trying to ignore the three boys.

I was relieved when Mr. Marino called our class to attention. That way Jake couldn't embarrass me anymore. For now thought a small voice in the back of my mind. Who was I kidding Jake love to embarrass me, not that I really helped because I wasn't very graceful. I did know that even though he always messed with me if anyone else did seriously he would have my back.

Mr. Marino went through the rules of the classroom and the school. He didn't seem to interested in what he was saying, good thing no one was listening anyways. We would hear the same speech five more times after this class. I sat there staring at Jay out of the corner of y eye. I saw the corner of his mouth form a slight smile; glancing up to his eyes I saw he was staring at me as well. I instantly blushed and turned my eyes to the front of the classroom letting my hair fall so it blocked the left side of my face.

I still felt Jay staring at me till I heard Vince tell Jay to stop looking at me. I didn't have to look to know that Jake was giving Jay a warning look as he nodded in agreement with Vince. "That's all for today. You have the rest of class to yourselves" Said Mr. Marino as he headed back to his desk. I looked at the clock 8:15, great I still have 35 minutes left in class for Jake to ruin my chances with Jay I thought to myself.

I felt someone kicking my chair so I peeked through my hair at Jay. He was turned towards me with a smirk on his face. Deciding to mimic him I turned to face towards him then slowly turned the upper part of my body towards him. "Are you two going to have a staring contest? If so I will so judge" said Jake jumping out of the desk behind me. I matched Jay's smirk with my own when I was Jake out of the corner of my eye. He had his hands on his knees looking back and forth between Jay and me.

"You up for it?" I challenged Jay raising one of my eye brows. He shook his head from side to side as he let out a chuckle and said "You are so going down" Smirking at his challenge I didn't even let it falter when I heard a familiar raspy voice say "A staring contest god can Kara become even more of a loser? Seriously didn't she get the memo we're in high school?"

Rolling my eyes at the comment I said "In your dreams buddy! One" Jay chuckled a little and said "This is too easy. Two" I could hear the annoyance in Jakes voice as he said "Are you two going to just talk crap or are you going to say" but was joined in by Jay and I when he said "Three"

"How long do you think it will be until Kara messes up" I heard someone ask from the small crowd that was slowly growing around us. I hadn't realized till then just how dry my eyes were getting. Don't blink Kara, don't blink I thought to myself as my eyes started itching like crazy.

Just like he had heard what I was thinking Jay said "Come on Kay, you know you wanna blink" in a taunting tone. He slowly leaned closer to me so we were only inches apart. I unfortunately caught myself looking at his lips a second too late.

"Jay wins, Kay looked away" yelled Jake laughing "Baby P, next time don't look" Jake continued and jumped away just as I swung my arm to hit him. Instead of continuing the torment Jake grabbed Jay's wrist and held it up declaring him the winner. He then pulled Jay up from his chair and started to lead him around the room. I watched for a second till I heard a throat clear next to me.

I turned and saw Vince looking at me with a knowing look. "What?" I asked pretending I had no idea what the look was for. "Nothing just be careful Baby P. You just met him" said Vince as we both looked towards Jay and Jake just to see about half way across the room Jake starting to talk to our old red haired best friend Rachel.

"Hey Rach, did you see Kay lose?" asked Jake forgetting about Jay. "I didn't have to, you can tell by looking at her that she's a loser JJ" said Rachel in a snotty tone. Jay turned and made his way back to where Vince and I were sitting with a smirk playing on his lips. "Doesn't have much of an attention span does he?" Jay asked us with a laugh in his voice.

"Nope, it's not really one of Jake's stronger qualities. Now that I think about it the only thing JJ's good at is making fun of me" I said joking as Jay sat back down. "That's not true JJ's good at basketball and baseball. Its only his hobby to make fun of you Baby P" said Vince as he got up to go join Jake across the room.

I sat there glaring at Vince's retreating figure for a while before I realized how quiet it was. It was driving me nuts, I couldn't stand silence, it always seemed too awkward to me. It must have been getting to him too because we started talking at the same time.

"You go first" I said but Jay shook his head at me and didn't say anything. "Okay? SO you never answered my question earlier" I said looking at him when I was done. He laughed a little and said "Which one was that?" I felt myself blush slightly and my lips unwillingly pulled into a faint smile.

"What brought you to Flagstaff?" I asked as I adjusted myself in my seat. I watched as his face shifted from amused to a little annoyed. "Oh, that question" he mumbled to himself not realizing I could hear him, but then continued more clearly "My parents just got divorced. So my mom, sister and I moved here to get away from him"

"I'm sorry. That sucks" I said knowing how it felt to have only one birth parent because my mom left my dad and I one week short of my third birthday. "No not really, he was a creep" Jay said still looking annoyed. He looked away from me clenching his fist. I reached over to touch his hand but he pulled his hand away from me still looking at the front of the room.

I turned away from Jay feeling guilty about bringing up an unpleasant subject for him. You didn't do anything wrong, how were you suppose to know you just met the guy I thought to myself as I reached into my bag for a paper and pen.

As I started to doodle I heard my former friend Rachel say "Don't mind Kara, she can be real heartless at times" My head snapped up and my eyes narrowed as they met hers. She smirked at me leaning towards Jay. Just ignore her I thought as I forced myself to turn away from her and glared at my doodles.

The redhead on the other side of Jay knew all the right buttons to push when it came to me. After all she was my best friend from sixth grade to half way through freshman year. Back then it was me, Rachel, Alyssa, Jake and Vince against the world. We did everything together, and then Rachel decided that Alyssa and I weren't cool enough to be her friends. Now she was only nice to the boys.

After it was silent for a little while she continued "Anyways, I'm Rachel, also known as the best cheerleader at Sinagua" I rolled my eyes and thought If you're the best then why is Aly captain? I stopped glaring at my paper and looked up when I heard Jay say "Nice to meet you" but nothing else. I laughed a little when he dismissed her; personally I thought it was great because all the guys besides Vince and Jake were the always falling all over her.

When I looked at Rachel she looked shocked but quickly pulled herself together. "So, what's your next class" she asked as she sat at the edge of his desk. I watched in amusement as she kept trying to get his attention only to be dismissed.

Jay looked up at Rachel briefly and said "English with Socum" then he turned to me and asked "So Kay, what do you have next" Resisting the urge to stick my tongue out at Rachel I said "English with Socum" I glanced at Rachel and saw her jaw dropped this time. Is she losing her touch? I thought smiling.

"Well lets walk together then" said Jay smirking at me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jake and Vince making their way back over to us. Jake sat in front of Rachel resting his arm on her leg, while Vince sat on my desk.

"So Rach, whatcha doing Friday?" asked Jake causing her to look at him. "There's a party at my house Friday and you three boys better be there" she said standing up and started to walk away but turned around and looked at me while saying "Oh Kara you're NOT invited" Then she smirked as she reached her snobs who welcomed her back with open arms.

"Wow and to think I use to be friends with that ... Then again at least I found my brain unlike you two" I said in disgust looking at the boys. Jay looked at me slightly shocked saying "You two were friends?" as he pointed between Rachel and me. I nodded at him as we stood up to go to our next class. "Watch it loser" said Rachel as she pushed past me knocking my books out of my arms and onto the floor. "Why should she? You're the one who ran into her" said Jay as he grabbed her arm around to turn her to look at him.

I looked up shocked, no one besides Lys and me talked to Rachel like that. Wow Jay is amazing. He's standing up to Rachel for me I thought as I smiled to myself. I looked up and saw Rachel looking back and forth between Jay and I looking worried. "Um ... Let go of me" she demanded as she tried to pull her arm away from Jay. Without looking from my face he said "No, not until you apologize to Kay" she rolled her eyes looking over at me and said "Yea not gunna happen" She then turned and looked at Jay but quickly looked back at me after she saw the look on his face. "Right of course ... Sorry Kara ... Happy now?" she asked as she ripped her arm away and walked off.

I looked up and saw him looking at me smiling slightly. "What a jerk" I heard Rachel say as she and her friend Melanie walked away. "Yea totally" agreed Melanie My eyes shot after then and I could help but laugh but the smile left my face when I saw how pissed Jay looked. "Hey just ignore them, They're like that with everyone" I said trying to reassure him.

"Hey man, thanks for standing up for Baby P like that. She just ignores Vince and I" said Jake patting Jay on the back. I looked up at Jay and saw he was once again smiling. "No problem, she doesn't need to talk to Kay like that" said Jay as he nudged me slightly. I stuck my tongue out at him.

I heard my friend Alyssa yell "MARCO!" from down the hall, without thinking I along with Jake and Vince yelled back "YOUR MOM!!!" I only remembered where we were when I heard Jay laughing next to me.

I blushed as a bubbly girl with chestnut brown hair and chocolate brown eyes came bouncing down the hall. As she walked down the hall a couple of guys turned around to watch her walk by, but only kept walking when they saw Vince and Jake glaring at them. Aly looked back confused at what the boys were glaring at but shrugged to herself as she reached us.

"So guys guess what! I'll tell you what" she said before any of us could open our mouths. "Lys I hate to brake it to you sis, but when you say guess what you should let people guess" said Vince looking at his sister amused. "Whatever you say bro, anyways I was walking passed Rachel and her snob crew and I heard them say how some guy totally denied her. It's great she's so confused" said Rachel not noticing there was someone new with us.

Jay and I started laughing when our eyes met followed by Vince and Jake. "That guy would be me" said Jay raising his hand slightly. Alyssa jumped a little when she noticed there was one addition to our regular group. Still laughing I said "Lys, you should have seen it. The look on her face was priceless" I looked at Aly and saw her staring at Jay. "Lys, he even stood up to Rachel for Baby P" said Jake smiling and sounding very impressed. "Anyways, Lys this is Jay and Jay this is Alyssa" I said motioning to each as I said their names.

"Nice to meet you Alyssa" said Jay as he put his hand out towards her. "You too" she responded as she shook his hand. I raised my eyebrow at how formal they were being. "So Jay, where are you from?" asked Aly as we headed towards Mr. Socum's class. "I'm from Portland" said Jay as we walked into class. He seems much more relaxed this time. Maybe I caught him at a bad time or something earlier I thought as Jay, Aly and I went and sat in the back of the room.

Somehow I had ended up with Socum for three years in a row and I was starting to think they didn't have any other English teachers in the school. Maybe the others have been figments of my imagination I thought as I smiled at my own little joke.

My smile soon turned to a frown when I felt a piece of paper hit me in the side of the head. I turned to glare at the person who had thrown it but had to suppress a smile when I saw Jay looking forward trying to look innocent while glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. "Smooth" I mouthed when he finally turned towards me, smiling innocently still. He rolled his eyes and mouthed back "Just open the note" then turned back towards the front.

: Hey Kay:

When I read that I raised an eyebrow at how I thought it would be more important.

: Hey Jay:

: So, what are you thinking about? :

: Don't you accuse me of thinking mister! :

: Haha, cute. No seriously what are you thinking about? :

I was about to respond when I yet again got hit in the head with a note. I turned and saw Aly looking at me expectantly, I sight and opened her note.

: Passing notes without me? You outta know be ashamed! :

: How is this my fault? He started the note passing:

I threw her, her note and then re-read Jay's before writing back.

: Just things, for why? :

: Cuz I feel left out duh! You're my best friend you should know this. So you like our new friend from Portland? :

I smiled at the thought but yet again got hit in the head. I turned and playfully glared at Jay who just smiled back at me.

: Of course I like him; if I didn't then I wouldn't talk to him:

: Just curious, seriously? For why, not just why? :

: Yup, for why. You're just jealous of my mad talking/ writing skills aren't you? :

I threw the note to him and saw him smile at what I wrote as he shook his head at me.

: Hey Baby P, you know what I mean and don't try to deny it I see the way you have been looking at him all class. That and Vince said you were looking at him like this during Govt. as well:

I looked over at Aly and saw her smirking at me. My attention was drawn back to the note when I got hit in the head again. Okay seriously that's getting annoying. Why is he aiming for my head? I thought as I started to write Aly back.

: I just met him Aly. But from what I can tell I like Jay okay? Oh if you tell any of the three guys your dead got it? :

: You sure are something else aren't you? :

: I like to think so ;D :

I then folded up both notes and handed them back to each person.

: Wow, Flirty much? :

Confused about what she was talking about I looked u towards the top and saw mine and Jay's conversation not mine and Aly's. I felt my heart sink as I slowly turned to face Jay and saw him smirking as he wrote back on the note ... Mine and Aly's note that he wasn't suppose to read. God I'm so stupid I thought as I put my head in my arms on the desk.

A second later the bell rang. I jumped up and practically ran out of the class room and upstairs to the science hall. I was relieved when I was able to get to science without being stopped by anyone. I walked into the classroom and sat down pulling out a notebook and started to draw. I was lost in my own thoughts about how I had just embarrassed myself in front of Jay but was pulled out of the thoughts by a familiar voice saying "Mind if we sit here?"

I looked up into the same green eyes that have had me acting stranger than usual all day. Not able to find my voice I just nodded. "So Baby P, heard you made a fast get away and left everyone hanging. Why's that?" said Vincent from my other side giving me a look so I knew that either Aly or Jay told him what happened in English.

Feeling both Jay and Vince's eyes on me I figured it would be best to lie. "Oh, did I? I didn't even notice" I said with a fake smile on my face. I looked back and forth between both boys and saw they were exchanging a look letting me know they didn't believe me. Vince was about to say something but was cut off by our science teacher coming into the room. Yay someone loves me! I thought as he started to go over the rules for the third time today.

I looked down when I felt a paper run into my elbow. I opened the note slowly nervous about what it said after he read mine and Aly's note. I felt a smile creep onto my face when I read what it said.

: Kay, I like you too. I was going to tell you after class but I looked up and you were gone:

: Yea sorry about that, I kinda got nervous when I saw you had Aly and my note and kinda took off:

:You kinda took off? And yea I noticed. It was like in 'Looney Toons' when Speedy Gonzales takes off and there's a cloud of dust behind him:

I smiled and looked at the dark haired cutie that was pretending to pay attention to the teacher. Although we both knew he wasn't, I shook my head when I saw him peek at me out of the corner of his eye.

: Your so funny. Thanks for the visual, lol. SO how did you manage to be in all my classes so far you stalker? :

: A magician never reveals his secrets:

I rolled my eyes when I read that and let out a chuckle causing Vince to elbow me and motion towards the teacher with his head. I raised an eyebrow and thought Yea cuz Vince never disrupts class and always pays attention

: So you admit that your stalking me? Creeper much? :

: Oh yea, you caught me. I asked my mom to move here just for you:

:Hah! I knew it! You are a stalker:

: Kay, I was being sarcastic:

: Oh man! ;'( :

: Sorry Speedy, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings:

: Speedy? :

:Yup my nickname for you because you're so speedy and everyone else has one for you but I want my own:

When the bell rang I smiled and said to Jay "I like it but now I need one for you" I was heading out of the room with the boys and towards the commons when Vince said "What are you two talking about? On second thought I don't really care. Let's go get lunch!" Both Jay and I started laughing at him as we continued down the hall.

From behind us I heard a girl yelling "Jas! Jas!" I turned around and saw a girl with long beautiful silky dark brown hair and hazel eyes running down the hall towards us. "Excuse me! Coming through! Jas wait for me" She yelled as she ran through the hall causing people to separate as she went. I heard Jay sigh as he along with Vince and I stopped walking. The girl stopped right in front of us and looked at Jay expectantly.

When he didn't say anything she turned to Vince and I smiling. "Since Jas here wont introduce me" she said glaring at Jay playfully. Crap he's got a girlfriend. I am such an idiot I thought as I saw Vince look at me. I shrugged as the girl continued "I'm Brookelynn Rene Wilson. This loser's sister" She said motioning towards Jay.

"Hi Brookelynn, I'm Kara Ann Stevens and this is my friend Vincent Jackson Kelly" I said smiling back at her. "Really Baby P? You had to use my whole name?" whined Vince looking down at me. I nodded and stuck my tongue out at him "Yup sure did. It was a life or death situation. Didn't you know?" I asked with a straight face causing him to roll his eyes at me.

I looked and saw Brookelynn staring at me intently, after a few seconds she nodded to herself and said "You two seem okay to me so you can call me Brooke" Jay laughed and said "Bugs, you haven't met the other two yet so try not to scare them too" Brooke looked at her brother and said "I don't scare people ... I just make them question my sanity" She smiled sweetly at him before turning to us. " Jay she seems no crazier than Kay here" said Vince putting an arm on my shoulder.

"HEY! Brooke, we don't need this, let's go" I said linking arms with her as the two of us walked away. At the same time we both went "HMPH" and put our noses in the air then started laughing. "This is the start of a beautiful friendship" said Brooke as we continued down the hall laughing. All I could do was nod because I was laughing so hard.

"Oh great just what we need one more crazy girl in our group. Good job dude" said Vince from behind us, followed by both boys laughing as we continued down to the commons. "So B, how do you like Sinagua so far?" I asked as we stood in the lunch line. She smiled and after being silent for a little while said "Hmm ... B ... I like it! And my days good and the people are nice for the most part. There is this one red haired chick named Rachel whose not very nice ... Or smart for that matter" When she said that Vince, Jay and I started laughing causing Brooke to look at us like we were crazy.

"Yea, I met her too Bugs. She started hitting on me after insulting Speedy here" said Jay pointing to me. "Dude, what's with the 'Looney Toon' names?" asked Vince looking at the three of us like we were crazy. "Well I've called Brooke Bugs ever since we were kids I just don't remember why. Then Kara's Speedy because she ran out of English before the bell was done ringing today" said Jay making me blush slightly.

"Yea I don't think I've ever seen Kay move so fast before" said a voice behind us. "So whose your friend?" asked Jake as we turned around. "Hi I'm Brooke, Jas's sister" she said smiling at Jake and Aly. "Nice to meet you Brooke. I'm Aly and this is Jake" said Aly as Jake went and started talking to the boys.

After we got our food we walked towards the corner of the commons under the mural. We sat down and talked and joked around as we ate and got to know our new friends better. Before I knew it lunch was over and it was time for class. I was glad that I had Jay, Jake, Brooke and Vince in my math class. I didn't like math but this would at least make it more bearable this year.

I was trying to look like I was paying attention to the rules when once again I got hit in the head with a note. Knowing it was Jay I ignored it and him trying to make a point to not hit me in the head. That was working until he started kicking my chair half an hour later causing me to sigh. I reached over and opened the note which caused him to stop kicking my chair.

: Hey Speedy:

: Was it really important enough to hit me in the head for the umpteenth time today and kick my chair? :

: Of course it was! :

: Okay Needy, what's up? :

: NEEDY? Really? :

: Yup just trying it out. I think it fits. Don't you? :

: Haha. You think you're so damn cute don't you? :

: I don't think so. I know so! :

: Well your right. So cutie, what are you doing Friday? :

: I don't know. I don't plan that far ahead. _ :

: Well do you want to do something ... Together ... Like a date??? :

I was in the middle of writing my response when the bell rang. "So what do you say?" asked Jay as we stood up. I smiled back at him and said "Maybe ... Let's see how the rest of the day goes buddy" I gave him a flirty smile and walked out of the room with Brooke.

I couldn't help but look back over my shoulder at Jay. He was a few steps behind us with a huge smile on his face walking next to Jake and Vince. "You know it's not nice to ditch people right?" he asked me as our eyes met. I giggled as I face forward so I didn't trip walking down the hall. "We didn't ditch you. You three were just too slow to keep up with us. Which by the way isn't our fault" I teased him smiling.

The last class went by slowly mainly because there was an actual seating chart and Jay was a couple seats behind me. When the final bell rang I jumped up and was about to make a brake for it when I felt a hand on my shoulder holding me back. "Whoa Speedy, chill. I'm not letting you ditch me again" said Jay with a laugh as we walked towards our lockers.

"HEY! BABY P! JAY! What are you guys doing right now?" asked Jake as he threw one arm around my shoulder and his other arm around Jay's wiggling his way between us. I saw Jay shrug in response. I giggled slightly because I could tell that Jay was uncomfortable with Jakes arm around him. "Well right now we're walking our lockers" I said as I threw my arm around his waist bumping hips with him as we walked.

For some reason Jake and I always walked like this when we were together. Which happened to be all the time when we weren't in school. My thoughts would have continued on our strange relationship but Jake cut through them when he said "Really? I thought we were flying to the moon" We stopped in front of our lockers that happened to be side by side. "No I told you JJ. Were doing that tomorrow" I shot back without skipping a beat.

Jay laughed at us as Jake said "Oh yea, how could I forget" I had stopped listening at this point because I was fighting with my locker like always. I put in the combination for the third time and it still wouldn't open so I started to pull on it like I was strong enough to rip it off. "URG! Please just open. If you do I'll give you a shiny penny" I pleaded with my lock.

"Does she always try to bribe her locker?" I heard Jay ask as I continued to pull on my lock. "Yea she does. You'd think that she would realize by now that it won't work. Yet she does it about three days a week" said Jake as he pushed my hands away from the lock and put in my combination. I glared at the lock as he opened it without a problem on the first try.

"I think it hates me!" I exclaimed as I reached into my bag and put my books in my locker. "I mean why else would it open for Jake with no problem but for me it never opens" I closed my locker and leaned up against it while I waited for Jay and Jake. "Oh I know what it is! You cursed my locker so it'll never open for me" I said as I jumped off the locker and pointed at Jake who had an amused look on his face like he always did when I had a wild accusation.

Rolling his eyes and once again putting his arm around my shoulder he said "Oh yea, you caught me" in a sarcastic tone. I turned to Jay and whispered making sure it was loud enough for Jake to hear "See I knew he was evil" At this point Jay was laughing really hard at me and Jake.

After he calmed down and caught his breath he raised an eyebrow and said "I have a quick question for you two" Crap ... What did I do? I thought to myself as we walked towards the parking lot.

"What's up with you two?" asked Jay looking back and forth between the two of us. "Um ... We're friends" said Jake looking at Jay weird. "Just friends?" asked Jay looking at me odd. "Yea ... Wait! Eww! Did you think that there's something going on with us?" I asked realizing why he was asking. "Well yea kinda. I wasn't sure if maybe you like each other or were dating or what you were. I mean you put your arm around her" said Jay motioning towards Jake's arm that was still around me.

"Dude we've walked like this since we were like three years old. Trust me he's like my older annoying ... very annoying brother" I said as we reached the busses. "Was it really necessary for the second annoying?" asked Jake looking down at me. "Yes it was. It was a secret life or death circumstance" I said as Jake rolled his eyes at me. I turned back to look at Jay and smile innocently. I took a step away from Jake and said " Hey JJ, I'll meet you at the car in like two minutes okay?"

I could feel his eyes on me as he said "Okay but hurry up Mom wants us home as soon as we can to meet the new neighbors" I looked over my shoulder at him and said " Yea, yea just give me a couple minutes" he nodded and walked towards the car. Yea we do. My Dad married his Mom when we were five years old. Ever since then Jakes been like a brother to me and since neither of our birth parents are around we call each other's parents Mom and Dad" He didn't say anything but just nodded at me making me realize I was rambling again. "Anyways now that you know what a complete wakadoo I am, are you sure you still wanna go out with me on Friday?" I asked hoping that I hadn't changed his mind by being strange.

My heart accelerated as he slowly reached up and brushed my cheek with the pad of his thumb. "Yea I'm sure. It's nice to see a girl who is true to themselves and shows it to everyone" he said with a sly grin on his face.

I smiled up at him then remembered I had to head home and said "It's a date then" I stopped midsentence because Brooke ran up and jumped on Jay's back causing him to stumble forward a bit. "Bugs, can I help you?" asked Jay looking over his shoulder at his sister who was still on his back.

"Of course you can Jas! Give me a piggy back ride to the car" Brooke said like it was obvious. I giggled when Jay let out a sigh and rolled his eyes at his sister. "Well you two have fun. I'll see you both tomorrow" I said giving them a slight wave. "Later Kay!" yelled Brooke in Jay's ear causing him to flinch. I shook my head laughing as I turned around and walked towards Jake's car where Jake, Lys and Vince were waiting for me.

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