Give It Away

by Jake Rivers

Tags: Romance, Crime, Drama, Melodrama, Violence,

Desc: Drama Story: Part 1: When Cindy storms out the door she throws her ring back at Jerry and tells him to give it away. She gives him back her love for him and tells him to just give it away. Sounds like a marriage in trouble! Part 2: Jerry's wife, Cindy, told him to "give it away," he couldn't. Would she ever come to him and ask him to "give it back?"

I can't get this song out of my head so I might as well write about it. It's by George Strait and I consider it to be one of the finest country songs ever—and I know that takes in a lot of territory.

"Give it Away" has great lyrics, a compelling rhythm and melody and one of the smoothest singers—George Strait has that impeccable sense of timing that the very best singers have. The lyrics and music for this song are by Jamey Johnson, Bill Anderson and Buddy Cannon.

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Romance / Crime / Drama / Melodrama / Violence /