Blue Side of Lonesome

by Jake Rivers

Tags: Romance, Drama, War,

Desc: Romance Story: Jack finds that his wife Jenny is "out of sync" with him. When his son goes off to college, he goes with him Alamosa to get away from her. He looks for someone to "run" around with and finds Dana. Is she the one to end his loneliness? They do fall in love... or maybe not.

Author's Note:

A nod to Microsoft for their great new product, Sync, that makes media of various kinds actually make sense on automobiles.

Be aware that I am taking some artistic license with the dates that certain events take place: for example, the Army Airborne Jump School is now held only at Fort Benning, Georgia. Way too many years ago when I was in the 82nd Airborne, jump school was also held at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, outside of Fayetteville, NC. Also, the 2nd Battalion of the 504th Airborne Infantry was resurrected during 1960.

Blue Side of Lonesome (written by Leon Payne)

"I'm calling to tell you it's over.

Yes, darling, you're now free to go.

You're saying you're sorry you hurt me.

But you hurt me much more than you know."

Jim Reeves

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Romance / Drama / War /