Jadeite Unleashed

by Honey Moon

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Desc: Manga Story: An old enemy reappears without warning to threaten Sailor Moon, her Sailor Scouts, and the entire planet Earth! Can joining forces with a new magical friend enable the Scouts to destroy Jadeite once and for all? This crossover is based on the DIC version of Sailor Moon, and the Pretty Sammy OVAs. It also happens to be the very first story I ever wrote when I got my first computer about 15 years ago! Please enjoy this exciting (and newly re-edited) rated “G” adventure!

On a sunny spring day, high atop Tokyo tower, Serena was overcome by the view. She giggled with joy and waved her friends over. "This is so cool! Look you guys! You can see my house from here!" She grabbed Luna and lifted the small black cat over her head. "See! The view is wonderful!"

"Serena!" The cat yelled. "Put me down before you drop me over the rail!"

Amy grinned at her friend in disbelief. "Serena, don't tell me you lived your whole life in Tokyo and never visited the city's most famous landmark."

Raye brushed back her long black hair and sighed. "Come on Amy, let's go over there." She pointed to the opposite corner of the observation deck. "We can pretend we don't know her!"

Luna struggled out of Serena's arms, and jumped to the floor. "Oh no, here we go again!"

Serena stuck her tongue out at Raye. "Oh yeah? Is that any way to treat the person who just saved the world from that nasty doom tree?"

Raye put her hands on her hips and glared at Serena. "You weren't exactly by yourself Serena! The way I remember it we had to save your butt first. Meatball head!"

Serena started crying, startling several tourists. "I, I told you and told you," She said as she sniffled. "Darien is the only one allowed to call me that!"

Amy couldn't take it anymore. She scooped up a grateful Luna into her arms and headed for the elevator. "Let's pretend we don't know the both of them!" She said with a chuckle. "Besides, I wanted to check out the Modern Science Museum down stairs.

Luna laughed quietly as she snuggled in Amy's arms. "Good idea! Afterward let's go to lunch. It would serve those two right to miss out!"

On the way to the elevator Amy bumped into a young girl with hair almost as long as Serena's. "Oh, pardon me!" she apologized, but the girl looked very preoccupied and hurried away without a word. Amy watched her run off to vanish into the elevator. "Did you see that animal perched on top of her head? It looked like a cross between a cat and a rabbit. I've never seen anything like it!"

"Nor have I." Luna sounded puzzled. "Not on Earth or in the Moon Kingdom. I sense something strange about the girl too. We better follow them. They could be from the Nega-verse!"

Amy pressed a button on her watch, and four sailor watches beeped in response. "Serena, Raye, Lita, Mina. You guys better meet me at the base of the tower. Luna and I have spotted a possible Nega-verse invader!"

Lita and Mina hurried out of the gift shop. Artimus; the scout's other cat guardian, following close at their heels. The three reached the elevator just as Serena and Raye did. Artimus twitched his long white tail. "Great! Just look at this crowd!"

"How are we ever going to get down in time?" Serena whined. "This line isn't moving!"

Mina smiled, "I've got an idea! Follow my lead!" She paused a moment to adjust the red bow in her long blond hair, then closed her eyes. When she opened them again, her friends were amazed. Her whole attitude had changed. She looked younger and she had even begun to cry! "Oh my poor kitty!" She sobbed, snatching the small white cat off the floor and holding him out at arm's length. "He's getting so sick from that bad tuna! I think he's going to barf!" Artimus looked startled for a second but then started to moan and gag just as loud as he could.

Mina held him out to the first person in line. "Please sir, could you help him?" she whimpered. Artimus gave another tail twitching gag and the crowd, as one, left the elevator. The four girls hurried in. As the doors closed, Mina collapsed on the floor in a fit of laughter. "Did you see how fast they moved?" She finally was able to say. "Artimus, you did great! I thought you were going to spit up the mother of all hair balls on that guy!"

Artimus looked cross at Mina, and shook his head when the others started to laugh. "That wasn't very dignified." He complained. "Why didn't you just say you were sick? I'm sure they would have moved just as fast!"

Lita brushed tears of laughter from her eyes. "Oh Artimus! So many people pull that 'I'm so sick' routine that nobody ever believes it any more! Now a cat, tossing his cookies! That's original!"

The elevator finally reached ground level. They all exited and rushed outside. Raye spotted Amy frantically waving at them. "There she is! Over by that ice-cream vendor."

Artimus, Lita, Mina, and Raye ran to rejoin Amy. Serena ran directly to the ice-cream man. "Let's get some ice-cream while we're here!" Serena begged. "It'll just take a second!"

"Sorry Serena, no time for that!" Amy pointed down the road. "There she is! Headed for Hamamatsucho train station!"

Serena smiled. "I'm sure you guys can handle one little girl! I'll catch up after my ice-cream!"

"Can't you go ten minutes without thinking of food?" Raye demanded angrily. "You're such a goof ball!"

"Ok, ok, I was just kidding! Raye you're such a brat!"

"You two can argue it out later!" Luna snapped. "Right now we have to hurry, or we'll lose her!"

Ryo-oh-ki twitched her long ears and sat up higher on Sasami's head. Her nose crinkled up, and wiggled her whiskers as she sniffed the air. "Sasami, we better be careful! I smell magic again. It's been getting much stronger since we left the tower!"

"Oh no!" Sasami whispered to her little friend. "If that bad girl, Pixie Misa makes me miss my train, I'll be so mad! If I don't get home in time to make dinner, mom and Tenchi will order that nasty take-out Ramen again!"

"Sasami, transform into Pretty Sammy, and fast!" Ryo-oh-ki spotted five girls suspiciously following them. "I think we're up against more then one magical girl this time!"

"What!" Sasami shouted "I can't transform here! Everyone will see me! I'd just die if they started laughing!"

"Just do it, Sasami! We don't have a moment to spare!"

"Alright already!" Sasami sighed. "I just hope nobody laughs!" She looked around to make sure nobody she knew was nearby. "Pretty Mutation, Magical Recall!" A blinding white light enveloped her as she rose into the air. The Magical Heart Baton materialized in her hand. She waved it about and hearts and rainbows swirled all around her. In a final blaze of light, her school uniform was replaced with the minidress and leggings worn by Pretty Sammy!

Luna and Artimus stopped short, stunned by this magical transformation. Serena tripped over them and landed on the sidewalk. "Ouchie!" She whimpered. "Watch what you're doing! I nearly made kitty pancakes out of you two!"

"Never mind that!" Luna yelled. "All of you transform quickly, before she decides to attack us!"

"Are you totally wacko, Luna?" Serena said sounding shocked. "She's way too cute to attack anyone!"

"Oh yeah?" Raye turned to Serena, and started to lecture her. "That just may be a disguise! Remember when Zoicite dressed up as Sailor Moon? I'll bet even Tuxedo Mask thought the imitation was cuter then the original!"

"Raye!" Serena whined. "You're so mean! How can you say that about someone as cute as Sailor Moon?"

While Raye and Serena fought, Amy, Lita, and Mina each called upon their planet of origin and began to transform. Amy, surrounded by powerful waves of foaming water, became Sailor Mercury. Lita, engulfed in blinding bolts of lightning, became Sailor Jupiter. Mina, bathed in a brilliant golden glow, became Sailor Venus.

"Ahem!" Artimus interrupted the bickering girls. "Do you think you could finish this 'discussion' later? Hurry and transform!"

"Sorry." Raye answered meekly.

"I was just going to!" Serena snapped. Raye called on the power of Mars, and in a sudden firestorm became Sailor Mars. Finally Serena cried out, "Moon Prism Power!" And became the Scout's leader, Sailor Moon!

The six magical girls, and their animal friends, stood facing each other. Ryo-oh-ki sniffed the air, smiled, and hopped over to the two cats. "Why, I do believe we are all on the same side!"

Sailor Moon smiled too, and put out a hand in friendship. "I'm called Sailor Moon. That's sure a cute out fit! What's your name?"

Pretty Sammy sighed; somehow she felt she could trust this Sailor Moon person. "You really think so? I always feel silly in it. Oh, my name is Pretty Sammy. This is my friend, Ryo-oh-ki."

Sailor Moon rushed over to Ryo-oh-ki, picked her up, and gave her a big hug. "You are so cute! Just what kind of animal are you anyway? A rabbit-cat, I know! A cabbit!"

"Oof, please don't squeeze so hard Miss Moon!" Ryo-oh-ki gasped.

"Hey! How come you can talk?" Luna said with a chuckle. The Scouts all turned to stare at her, and Artimus busted out laughing. "I'm sorry, Ryo-oh-ki, but I just had to beat them to it! They've all said that to me, at one time or another."

"I never said that to you, Luna!" Venus said, rather indignantly.

"That's right!" Artimus laughed at the embarrassed girl. "You said it to me when we first met!"

"Sounds like someone I know!" Ryo-oh-ki chimed in with a giggle.

Pretty Sammy blushed. "Well at least they're cats. I didn't know what you were when Tsunami first introduced us!" The girls all blushed sheepishly, and then began to laugh. They became so involved getting to know each other that they never noticed the new arrival hovering over their heads.

"Hey there Sammy! Can anyone join this party, or is it just for goodie two shoes?"

"Watch out guys!" Sammy warned. "That's Pixie Misa! She's definitely a bad girl!"

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