Rough Diamond


Tags: Coming of Age, Crime, Drama, Politics, School, Violence, War, Workplace, Science Fiction, Young Adult, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Story: An Australian schoolboy discovers he can move small objects with his mind. His family moves to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA and he uses his special skill to 'win' money at casinos. His exceptional skills at winning bring him some unwanted attention from some people, including the Department of Homeland Security. He objects to their actions and soon a state of war exists between his family and the DHS (and the people behind them). The odds are heavily in favour of one side - but which side?


All rights reserved 2009 by Ernest Bywater

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July 2016 Edition

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Table of Contents

Part 01
The Family
Another Skill


Part 02
First Trouble
Life Goes On
More Trouble

Part 03
Interesting Times
Time Away to Play
Back to School
Summer Break
Real Trouble

Part 04
More Real Trouble
Pure Cadi
Santa Fe: Fellows
Langley, Virginia
Black in Santa Fe
Reunion and Revelations
Quinn in Washington, DC

Part 05
Life Goes On
Big Trouble
Dave at the Mall
Peg at Home
Las Vegas
Quinn Again
Heavy Bets in Vegas
Quinn in DC
Anian’s Analysis

Part 06
Take it to the Limit
Spreading the Secret
Committee Carnage
The Game’s Afoot
Trip Home

Part 07
Getting on with Life
They Won’t Give Up

A Few Weekend Trips
Brilliant Bronwyn
Magnificent Mary
Anian Assault
Family Matters
Monday Mayhem

Living Life

I use a Chapter Title, a Sub-chapter Title, and a section title.

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