Kenneth George: Profile

Ken Smith was born in Ashford Common Middlesex, more years ago than he cares to remember. He was educated at the local secondary modern school. He followed a number of different careers until, while working as a Domestic Appliance Technician, he decided he could do better and went to university to study Computer Systems Engineering.

Since graduation he has been a lecturer in Further Education Colleges, a supply Teacher and even ran a Post Office until the government closed it down.

In 1996 he volunteered to assist his wife in running a small children's home in Romania. They returned to England a year later leaving the place in a much healthier state than they found it.

Since retiring Ken has devoted his time to voluntary work for the local Credit Union and also drives less able people to hospital and doctors appointments. In his spare time, he writes stories.

He has three sons, two grandsons and one granddaughter. He currently lives in Dorset.