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Waiting at the Bluebird
Forest Hunter Roxie, has had many men. Cal has never been lucky with women. Roxie says his problem is that "he doesn't know how to howl at the moon". She's from wrong side of the tracks and waitressing at the Bluebird Diner. Cal, a farmer's son, is a lawyer and politician. A bachelor, he often takes his meals there, where small town politics are always on the menu. Their lives intersect amid a struggle against political corruption.
Tags: Romance, Drama, Politics, Workplace
Age Rating: Older than 17
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A Wall of Fire
Robert McKay The world of Darvin Carpenter, a PI in Albuquerque, NM
Darvin takes a bodyguard job - a woman's ex-husband is threatening her. It begins to get exciting...
Tags: Crime, Detective
Age Rating: Anybody
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The Walking Wounded
Robert McKay The world of Darvin Carpenter, a PI in Albuquerque, NM
Kevin "Big Kev" Farley rides into Albuquerque on his Hog looking for a church, and on the run from angry bikers back in Fresno, CA. He finds what he's looking for, and a whole lot more.
Tags: Romance, Religion
Age Rating: Anybody
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Walk and Talk
Allan Kindred Another poem or lyric to show my admiration and support of women.
Tags: Romance
Age Rating: Anybody
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The Wanderer JOHNNY SACHU A lone woman tries to find water and shelter on a desert planet while trying to preserve her dignity and life.
Tags: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Age Rating: Older than 17
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The Wanderer
Celtic Bard A Story of the Am'mortal
Humanity has seen its end and the Gods have spoken to the last one hundred sorcerers and seers, witches and magi, healers and priests who were wise enough to see the end and flee it. But now they have been doomed to immortality by the Father of the Universe who cannot bear the idea of letting go of all Humans. The wisest of them leaves the rest to find solitude and meditate on eternity. But what will he find as he searches his soul for answers? NOTE: Sequel to "The Doom of Immortality"
Tags: Religion, Travel, Supernatural, Fantasy, Magic
Age Rating: Older than 13
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Wants to Be Loved
Allan Kindred Lyric or poem. In honor of the courage and beauty of women when it comes to love. To all women who have been hurt and continue to love. I'm sorry for your turmoil, but I'm proud of you and I hope the very best for you. My siblings and I were raised by our mom and I have five sisters. Possibly gives me a unique view point. Also possible why I'm a little wild. Whatever. Smiles...
Tags: Romance
Age Rating: Anybody
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The War of the Worlds
Science Fiction
H. G. Wells This early science fiction story centers around an unnamed narrator living through various engagements between the British military and superior alien attackers. it describes an invasion of the British Islands by an advanced civilization from Mars.  While the human defenders were hopelessly outmatched,they were still able to destroy several of the invading Machines. Will humans be able to survive this unusual invasion?
Tags: War, Science Fiction, Aliens, Novel-Classic
Age Rating: Older than 7
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War Brothers
Science Fiction
BoonDock Cy Peter gets an interesting offer. Does he take it up? Well of course.. :-) Follow his adventures as he meets Roger who makes him the offer, travels through a mysterious "gateway" and lands up on War World...
Tags: Aliens, Futuristic
Age Rating: Anybody
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
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War Dogs
E. A. Taylor Non-fiction: A review of how dogs have been used in warfare. Note to parents: This story should be pasted to a word possessor and you can remove the last bit if you'd like to avoid the image of hungry dogs being exploded.
Tags: Historical
Age Rating: Older than 13
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