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New story to begin on Tuesday

July 1, 2017
Posted at 7:57 pm

Due to health reasons, the publication of my newest book is way behind schedule. However, since I have my next story ready to do, I'm planning to release it here, on FineStories, so I can get feedback and clean it up before finally releasing it on SOL later.

The new story, The Demons Within, part of a new Demonic Issues series (2 books) is an interesting mix of genres, so isn't likely to be a big draw, at least initially (so few readers will be able to figure out where it fits in the storytelling pantheon).

As many of you already know, I'll pulled my original Catalyst series on SOL (making them Premiere access only, so I'll be reposting the entire series on the Sci-Fi website so free readers can still access it, while simultaneously drawing a few more readers to the still sparsely populated site. That should appear at the same time.

(Just don't tell anyone on SOL what I'm doing!) ;-)