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My Life and Writing update as of 25 January 2017

January 24, 2017
Posted at 9:18 pm

First, please do not send emails asking about the next story or how I'm going, I don't have the time or energy to deal with them right now. My life is still in major turmoil, and has been since late July 2015 when the Police came in with a search warrant and walked off with every modern computing device in the house, including my phone, my son's phone, and the back-up copies of all my work. At the time they said it would take them 2 to 3 months to check everything and give it back. After four months I found out they'd done nothing about it. We did get our phones back after a call to the Local Area Commander to do some tree shaking on the safety factors because we live in a remote area.

The effect is I do not have my copies of the 30 plus stories I was working on or any of the research for them. So all those half written sequels are delayed until I get the files back. I can't even deal with the emails that were outstanding at that time, nor do I have anyone's email address, unless they emailed me since August 2015.

The whole matter is very stressful because my son has a mental health issue which means he has problems with any change and can't handle any stress. Keeping him calm has also been adding to my stress levels. I am writing when I'm up to it. But a lot of time is taken up with dealing with this problem

Since July I've found out the government made a change to certain laws and never made a public announcement about the changes, despite the significant change in the law. The change also had the effect of being retroactive, which is not supposed to be possible. I now have to wait until the police get their act together and confirm I do not create or publish unlawful works.

In May 2016 they returned 25 items, most of them simple things like USB sound cards and unused SD cards. There's still 3 laptop computer two stacks of CDs/DVDs, and 8 print books they've not checked yet. They've checked and cleared over seven millions files they refuse to give back to me or make any copies of anything to give to me. No copies of emails, work files, tax records, or stories I was working on. There are two court cases on this, at this time, one of which is about the checking and return of materials to go before the court again in March, and the other is back in May. There is a subpoena for certain information I want for the police they were supposed to provide in early January 2017, but have twice asked for a delay because they're having trouble getting the information together. This relates to the second court case due back before the court in May, and I've instructed the lawyer to let the court know we'll need three of four months to analyze the information from the police before we can go back to court, which is due back in May, at this time. Thus the police delays should result in a further delay to that court case.

So far this matter has cost us all our saving for 5 years to be able to get back to close to normal day to day operations of everything except this issue and the related stress affecting our time and health. I have started a number of new stories and have about 20 stories I'm working on as the muse moves me and I have time to work on them.

Please, no more emails on this matter about these officious zealots looking to prove I'm something I'm not.