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Please, don't waste my time!

October 18, 2010
Posted at 8:50 am

Recently I've received a couple of emails through the site's feedback system, that apparently have non-existent return addresses on them.

Please -- if you've found a way around Lazeez's checks and balances -- then don't waste my -- or any other writers -- time, by sending us these dead emails.

You might have time to kill, but I -- at least -- haven't the time available -- or energy to waste -- writing replies emails to people that are never going to be read.

I always enjoy receiving emails about my tales; that's why I have email feedback turned on in the first place. Those emails most often encourage me to write more and post my tales of woe on the internet.

Whenever I am able, I always acknowledge every email I receive, that's a mater of personal pride, and manners left over from my upbringing. But doing so, uses time and energy, something -- that for health reasons -- I'm in "short supply" of, at the present time.

Five minutes might be nothing to you, but for some of us, it's a large chunk out of our active day.

Now I've wasted almost an hour -- of what "was" proving to be a very productive day -- informing Lazeez of the problem and writing this blog entry.

9,000 words in three days, is close to what I used to achieve everyday in recent years. It could be that this unwarranted disruption, has broken the flow.

Thank you, for your co-operation in future.