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The series begins

July 11, 2010
Posted at 2:30 am

I hope everyone who reads this series enjoys them as much as I did. While I have endeavored to thoroughly spell check the content of each issue, there are a few things I have not fixed, such as sulphur, which in 1933 was the correct way to spell the word in american english, but has not been correct since 1990. As it is a historical piece, in that it was written in a distinct time, and served a distinct culture (mainly young boys and men who liked fantastic adventure) this series in itself served to influence science fiction, comic books, adventure books, and a myriad of other works. I hope that the reader remembers that this is not a modern thriller, but rather the source of the genre. I look forward to hearing from the readers about their experience reading such an iconic series. At some point I hope to include an illustration with each issue of the original magazine cover.
With good wishes, and happy readings,
PT Brainum