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Stranded Conclusion

July 15, 2014
Posted at 8:12 pm

"Stranded" concludes today, and while short, it was an interesting tale.

Despite the interest, there's no plans for a sequel. Mainly because I can't think of any way of continuing it!

Posting it online really helped me understand the dynamics of the story. The story got tremendous reviews, but never sold terribly well. However, watching you read it, chapter by chapter, helped me understand what the problem was.

Apparently the story starts weak--too much detail I suppose. The initial story score was low, but as it progressed, the score continued to climb. That's the kind of thing that I like to see.

Now I just have to go back and rewrite the beginning, hacking out the excess detail that slowed the story down so much.

I should probably change the story description too, as the militaristic feel of it probably attracts the wrong crowd.

This is the kind of information authors can't get anywhere else, and it's the reason why I post published works here for free.

I've got another story in the works, "Seeding Hope Among the Ashes", book 3 of my Great Death series. Unfortunately, the first two books were a little too 'adult' to post here, but this book should stand on it's own. It's currently in the revision/editing phase. I'll post it's status on my website as it nears completion.

My website, by the way, can be found at: