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Rumors of my demise are premature ...

June 14, 2014
Posted at 8:37 pm

After a bit more than a year of ... inactivity:

Masi'shen Evolution is alive and well. Muse is back.

Chapters 26 through 29 have been revised, and reposted.

Chapters 30, 31, and 32 are new and have been posted.

There's no censorship issues. Lazeez has indicated that is a family & youth oriented story site, and f-bombs are not appropriate. I agree. But be advised that since there are some military and political characters and their dialogue thoughout Evolution there is some rough language. Nothing on the order that former President Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon used ... but certainly far more profane than former President Jimmy Carter would utter.

If you're reading this ... thank you. It's nice to have you back, reading this story.

Masi'shen Evolution is coming along very well, again, and will post without interruption until finished.