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A new start!

July 9, 2010
Posted at 5:47 pm

I have been writing for the elder sister story site 'Storiesonline' for about four years now and I have written about seventy stories, under several pen names, but mostly this one, Stultus.

You can find a URL to my main author page there at

Warning - some stories there do contain some (not usually a lot) of adult content (between consenting adults), but I am not really a 'sex' writer, but I do comment sometimes on some of the weirder aspects of affectionate relationships.

As I comment on things fairly frequently at my SOL Blog, I will not post particularly often here other than general comments on certain re-posted stories.


For starters, I have posted two of my earliest (and only) Fairy Tales here. I love old fashioned story telling sometimes and if my mind get mired in a rut, I'll sometimes compose an Fairy Story to get the creative juices flowing again. I have about three other of these sorts of tales outlined, but not written... as these sorts of stories get very little attention at SOL. Eventually, for this audience, if there is interest, I can compose a few more.

Otherwise, I have quite a few other more normal stories that can be posted over here as well, but I need to take a quick look at them first to edit out anything not really PG-13.

Otherwise, my new material will appear at SOL first... just so you know