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Phoenix Rising

May 7, 2014
Posted at 1:55 pm

I sit here debating how to post some of this story on this site. The restrictions on sexual content make Phoenix rather difficult for here. Not that there is much sex because there is not much, but I am unsure how to proceed. On stories online, it is not a problem but here I have my knickers in a bind about how to move on in the story.

Moreover, what do I do about the sex that is not sex? Oh, man I have no idea on that. Is a vampire feeding off a willing victim sex? It certainly feels like sex when you read it but it in no way is a description of sex ... or is it. Just how do I tone down this story for here? This issue is driving me nuts. I have not put up my updates here from Chapter 8 - 16 because I am just unsure how to scale this back.

I now have an editor who has helped make corrections on what I write and have written. Still I do not have the newer version edited down for here. I am just unsure how far I can go and if what I have is too much for this site or not.