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August 29, 2010
Posted at 1:22 am

There were a couple of formatting problems with the last two things I submitted, so they are not quite the way I wanted them formatted. I have an e-mail into the webmaster and hopefully I can at least get "The Prophecy" formatted correctly so it reads right. I also need to know whether that is just the way they are going to do it or whether it can be fixed before I send in the next part.
On "The Wolrd of Qaryesh t'Marne," there are just minor formatting differences between the way I wanted it and the way they posted it with the exception of two sections they put in all bold for some reason. Again, seeking answers fromt he webmaster and am hoping it will be straightened out soon.
Both are readable the way they are, especially "World," but I would like to know if that is just the way it is or if they can be fixed on their end. Try to enjoy them whilst I await enlightenment.