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Ends - 1 accomplished, 1 approaching

March 2, 2013
Posted at 1:55 pm

Last week I u/led the completion of High Flight. That's the last of my non-Carpenter novels. Life Is Short, the Carpenter novel I'm currently posting, is nearing its end, and after that will be Sweet Home Alabama. And that will be the end of the Carpenter novels.

I do have some short pieces which I might u/l, but I might not. I have to confess that after thinking about the Carpenters and their world since December of 2004, writing about them up through (IIRC) 2010, and posting so much this while, I'm finally getting detached from it all. I'm even getting to where the Carpenters, who for years were almost as real to me as real people, are more and more shadowy and less and less interesting.

And my fiction spring seems to have dried up. There's one story I would like to finish, just to finish it if nothing else, but I've had no "inspiration" in a long while now. My writing has moved to poetry, and this is Fine Stories, not fine poetry. :)

So an end has come, and another one's coming...