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Rockford Files

January 28, 2013
Posted at 1:40 pm

Way back in the 90s, when just about everyone in cyberspace got there via BBS, I was part of the RIME Writers Conference. And during that time I created a humorous character named Rockford Files (the name comes from the show, but Rock is nothing like the show). The stories I wrote featuring Rockford are very broad humor, and over the past week or so I remembered him, because I've been reading Patrick McManus' humor. McManus reminds me of Twain (I highly recommend both), but some of the bizarre things that he soberly reports made me think of Rock.

So today I've u/led the only two Rockford Files stories I still have, both of them post-RIME (indeed, I wrote both since moving to Albuquerque in 1997). They are "The Annual Meeting of the Good Ol' Boys Society" and "Rockford Enters the 20th Century." I like 'em both, and if y'all do too I may wind up writing more.

Shoot, I may wind up writing more anyway. :)