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January 20, 2013
Posted at 10:24 am

My Writing Plans for 2013

I am currently rewriting CH 10 because I wrote myself into a "Corner" I don't like so I going to change a few things around. The conflict of Har Hi and the Remaining Dai will become a seperate Story and will be Har-Hi's and not part of the Eric Saga.
I should have the rewrite done by end of January and then post book 11 and 12 to end the Eric Story (This is on my things to do list by the end of March)
I also going to complete the Book "Stahl" and post it with all Chapters at once (After it has been edited) so it is consistend and complete as it feel it is my best book yet. Since I can't type fast enough to get the story from my mind on "Paper" it should be done end of January.

I also complete the Stand alones of "Dr. Isah's legacy" and Tomb World my end of February.
And beginning of April I tackle the Earth Cycle.
Technically I wanted to delete the "Stand still" Novels from FP but I haven't done it yet...(Loosing the feedbacks)
So this is the General Plan. I am workwise tied up in the shop till March that means little travel and set working hours...and I can write. After March I will be on set again and Writing has to take a back seat till I am done in August.
So this is the Plan for 2013 and unless I die or ger seriously sick I tend to keep my plans