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The Storyline: Dark and ugly, really quick

December 16, 2012
Posted at 2:29 am

Panic and opportunism are pretty much to be expected when unexpected events confront people and nations.

The discovery of the Masi'shen is such an event. Their sudden appearance in Earth's skies, if only during the brief moments of their departure, shook people and governments to their core.

Some have welcomed the event, seeing within it the seeds of peace on Earth. Humans are not alone in the galaxy. Earth must become as one family. Warfare must cease. A united humanity can ascend to the stars.

Others regard the event as a cataclysmic threat to their faith, culture, and their unique place as the Creator's chosen people. The alien intruders are not welcome. They are feared and hated.

Most tragically, the appearance of the Masi'shen coincides with the manifestation of an evil leader whose primary ambition is to rule the United States with unchallenged authority. He invites, and incites, hatred, mayhem, chaos, and eventually, the nuclear destruction of an American city. His seizure of power through martial law is his first step towards imperial rule from an American throne.

Fear and hatred distract and blind a people to a dictator's real intentions, until it is too late.

The heroes and heroines of the human and Masi'shen contingent are facing dark and ugly times of chaos and violence. They must have faith in themselves, and in the future, lest all be lost.