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Lance Manne - "Nymph of the Wood"

September 6, 2012
Posted at 8:22 am

“Nymph of the Wood” is a new story about the importance of choosing a mate and the dry spell that can follow after a few years of marriage. I have witnessed so many of my friends as they picked a mate with what seemed to be very little forethought. The first chapter contains information that is important in laying the foundation for what happens in the rest of the story. It may seem a little slow at times. As the story unfolds, there will be a number of nature scenes and mysterious interactions. I hope the themes of wonder, hope, love, nature, and second chances are evident to the reader.
I am amazed at what unbelievable things I witness when I am able to sit and watch the unfolding of the world around me. Many of the surprising occurrences in nature will be things that I have personally witnessed. I will leave the determination as to which ones to you, the reader.